Thursday, February 9, 2012

Craft room/ Guest room

As promised I wanted to share the finished for now craft I say finished for now cause when I get the chance I want to get the wall paper border down, cant stand it! It was here when we bought the house, plan on getting it down one day and painting.
Anyway thought I share some pictures of the room, most of the storage has been in place for a while but have moved it around to make the room more guest friendly. Since we use this as a guest room as well it has to be were I can get a queen size air bed in place for guest. So here is the view of the room as you walk in. Its not fancy but it functions well for
Paper storage
I used the wire cubes you can get at target to make paper racks. All you have to do to make the shelves is use zip ties. The tall one is for pattern papers and the short one is for all my card stock. All my scrap paper I put in clear paper covers and I keep these on top of the card stock paper rack.

Book Case
I use the book case to hold items I use alot. I keep clear stamps in the teal bin on the bottom and my card bases I keep in the white box next to it. 8x10 paper I keep in mag holders. The plastic drawers are by Iris. I love them so much able to group small like items together. The wicker basket at the top I use to store extra supplies.

Closed storage
This used to be my pantry at our old house but since we did not need it at our new home it become craft storage, place to store those things I don't want to see out. I keep my paints and sprays and cuttle bug items and my craft sewing machine and xyron in here. Its not organized like I want it so still have a little work to do in it.

Multi media storage
I bought the two tall units  at a yard sale. Was meant for cd storage but I use it to use to store my cricut carts. I don't have to many so this works for me for now and have extra room to grow. Figure I don't need more than this since I don't buy every cart that comes out.

The desk is not my dream idea of a craft desk but it works for me. I went with a 6ft fold up table at target. Reason I went with this is I can easy take the few items I have on it and put them away and fold the table up and store it while guest are staying. And I have a small back up table to craft on in my office should I need to craft.

Rolling cart
I use this to keep things I use alot handy to me this sits right by me when I craft so if I need stamping blocks or stamp pads there right by me. I also keep tools I use alot in here.

And last but not lest the favorite part of the room, this is socks this is her hand out. The truth is, it really is the kitty's room they just let me use
Thanks for looking :)

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