Friday, October 30, 2009

Tim Holtz Mini Mask

Let me start by saying I love Tim Holtz products, really love his distress inks. So when I seen his mask he designed I had to try them. Mask work basically like a stencil except you are using the mask to paint or ink over, you are not painting within the design but over the whole design. I watched the demo he did and it looked so easy and so many things you could do with them with paints or inks and much more. So I bought the mini mask floret 7 piece pack just to try them. I did as they said when you first get them you have to clean the parts you won’t need out. He showed that you just burnish the item over a scrap piece of paper and pull it away and Walla! You leave all the small items behind and you left with the perfect mask. Well not so easy. I spent 30 minutes trying to clean all the tiny parts out that would not come lose. I finally had to resort to using a magna fine glass and tweezers, even then that did not work well. So after I did get it cleaned up and was pretty well stressed at that point I gave myself a few to unwind cause I needed it…LOL Now time to try a new technique. I put a mask on my paper and did as it said which is to burnish it to the paper. I never could get it to bond good to the paper no matter how hard I tried. At that point I thought well maybe it is not meant to adhere so tight so did it best I could, and began to use my Tim Holtz distress inks over the mask. The mask began moving around some I had to be very careful not to blend to hard because I was moving it. When I was done and pulled the mask away I could see if the mask had adhered correct how great it could have been. But I was left with more of a fuzzy look, not sharp at all. The mask was not very sticky at all on the back right out of the package, so I knew it was going to have a hard time bonding it to paper. And I was right.
So here is my option on the Tim Holtz mask. If you just have to try them get the small mini mask set they only cost 3 bucks verses the large ones that run much more. Yes I am sure the large ones would be easier to use and prep but don’t know if I would want to pay extra just to find out they are all the same. Know I myself was very unimpressed with the mask, and I really would have loved for them to work. But for me it was a waste of money and time and a headache. Maybe it you add some of your own repositionable glue it would make a better bond with paper. But even with doing that the life span for the mask is still not very good. I would say it’s only good for so many uses, not an item for using in a mass production over and over. Don’t try to use these making your Christmas cards this year.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Just would like to time to say hello, new to the blogging world. I wont blog about personal life much, if you read about me you would However I will blog about card making and scrapbook related things. I love to share and help others when I can. I like to try new products so will let you know if its worth the money or save your money. And these days when time are tight I do what I can to save where I can. Well hope you will find some blogs helpful thanks for looking.



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