Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Caution Birthday ahead

My brothers birthday is coming up and I wanted a cute but kinda funny card. I had major card making block last night, did not help I was really Anyway I used the camping critters cart for this river rafting skunk. I cut the hills out by hand and added some green flocking to give it the look of patchy grass. I not in love with how the hill turned out but they were already down when I decided to try that idea. Oh Thanks for looking. Below are the sizes and supplies used.

Camping Critters (Skunk cut at 3 inch)
Tim holtz distress ink
hero art ploy clear stamp set fanciful swirl alpabet
hero arts ploy clear stamp set birthday message

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Riding the A train in Denton county, TX

Sorry I have not posted in a few days we had a busy weekend and took the last two days to re cope. Saturday we was riding a train around denton and Sunday my aunt was down so I drove to see her.We have this new train that just started up this week called the A train here in Denton.Its been years in the making and this weekend was the first weekend of service so we decided to go and give it a ride.

going over Lewisville Lake

Our main road we live off of
It connects with the Carrollton Dart rail and from there you can go to Dallas. All with out driving in the awful Dallas traffic. We did not go any farther than carrollton only cause we did not have a whole day to go onto Dallas but next time we will. This was a spare of a moment trip. Anyways it was a great ride really nice comfy seats far as the a train goes.
The train we found out was put in service in the 50's! They redid the inside of it to modernise it but they will have new ones in service in sept. I will say it was pretty packed, and lots of bikers on it. They have room for your bikes! I think that is so cool. After we rode back to the main station we walked over to historic down town Denton.

Way back when

Denton today

Photo I took of the court house while in town
I have always loved our town square its has so much charm. Most are old building from late 1800's. As I walked it I was thinking how neat it must have been back in the early 1900's and here we are walking the same square in the year 2011 only if they could have seen how they city would be a 100 years from then. I have a thing for historic homes and building forgive When we was there we went into this wonderful antique shop (County Seat Antiques) that had lots of kitchen and home items.

The building had original 14 ft doors and original hard wood floors, all shelves are original. It was like stepping back into the 1900 so cool. Inside tons of dishes and pretty milk glass. 
She even had our formal dishes there she had almost a full set, like ours. 
Our dishes
She sold by piece so to get it all would be kinda pricey. We have service of  6 a full complete set of all the dishes and cups and salt and pepper shaker. I had been wanting a new set so think after seeing that I will keep We also visted the fire museum will post those another day cause dont want to bore Oh to end the trip home we seen a very interesting lady. As she went by us she was talking into a two way radio saying" let them try to shut me up" I had to snap a pic.
If you are local to get on the a train is is well worth the trip into denton and go check out the old town square and the amazing old stores. And you can end the day at the old fashioned ice cream store right on the square...YUMMY.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

round two of storms tonight

Well Tuesday was a long day for me for many reason. I had only had a hour of sleep due to storms that come in the we hours of morn. I had to run outside to get our outdoor kitty and bring her in cause some areas had half dollar size hail. And as we are getting her the winds hit, we got her in safely and put her up and then 10 mins later around 2am lights flash off and on about 5 times then they went off for good. I was thinking
Get the old trusty Yankee candle out, so without power we had no clue what was going on with the weather. I know there was lots of lighting, I have never seen so much. And the winds was so strong I heard the roof creek and began to think it was going to come off. But it never hailed which was a great! But the Storm was so slow, it took forever to leave our area. I ended up laying down at 5 am after I gave up on being able to put the cat back out. Then I was back up at 6am when he was leaving I had no clue how long we would be without power so I had to open all the doors and windows to let all the cool air in. No way I was going back to bed with doors open. So with nothing I could really do I thought hum why not make a card. I am not going to let a little old thing like no power stop With no cricut I only had stamps and cuttle bug dies. Not a pretty card but I was trying to stay awake and I was so wanting to sleep. So long story short, I keep busy till about 11 am I closed the doors up since it was getting warmer. And I planned to lay down for a nap. And as luck would have it about 1130 am the power come back on. Soon as the ac kicked on I went for a nap well I ended up sleeping till Come to find out 33,000 was without power and at lunch there still were 31,000 so we was lucky to have gotten it on so soon. The winds were hitting 80 Mil an hour. Was a pretty good storm. And again tonight we got round 2 of storms but they only had some wind and rain nothing major. Got to love Texas weather. We needed the rain so wont complain but man its stinks when you lose your power for 8 hours in middle of hot weather. Well wanted to share my sleep deprived card with you, don't laugh at it to

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Simple card and Criut chirp

Hello happy Thursday! Sorry have not posted any new projects been trying to get some much needed stuff done around my home. Anyway last night I thought I wanted to make a card with only stamps. So I made a template for a card front and cut the template in sections so that I could remove each one and stamp. Then after I do the stamping I put the piece back into place and then remove another piece. Repeat until all done then remove all the sections and you have the big reveal. Its not hard at all. I did use versa mark to define between sections on the bottom, I got a little carried away on the first section of the versa And I should have used some different stamps patterns in places. I am not loving the card but hey I am keeping it real not every project crafters make we love, right?

This week has been kinda reassuring for me in crafting terms. I had read a thought provoking post about blogging and it really made me think. One part of it touched on what she called the number game, and she was right. Most blogger's watch there stats and how many follow you, it can consume you. I never fretted over how many followers I have but I will admit I did watch After reading this I kinda let that go.
But the funny thing is a few days later I thought well I will pop in and see how many page views there have been. And I was shocked I had 30 people on in a very very short amount of time. And for my little blog that is I was wondering what is going on? I looked to see where it was coming from, it was coming from message boards. HUM...
Then I go and look at the post I made and I see congrats on Cricut chirp high light. I look at my cricut chirp newsletter and sure enough there is a link to my card under message board high lights. It was my fathers day card I made for my dad with a fishing deer on it. I was so shocked. I was just sharing a fathers day idea, never once when I posting it did I think it was cricut chirp Anyway it was nice to have my card picked not Well off to do the daily chores and have some fresh green beans from our garden to cook. They look yummy. Thanks for looking
Supplies used
Kraft card stock
Versa mark
Celebrate it ribbon
Stickles and white gel pen
Top text stamp-stampendous dream text
Flowers in 1st block-hero arts month of may
Butterflys- by judith (got at Scrapbook shop unknown what the name is)
Flowers 3rd block-stampendous may flowers
Leaves 4th block-hero arts fanciful swirl alphabet
Center branch and bird-hero arts fanciful swirl alphabet
Sentiment-stampendous happy messages

Monday, June 13, 2011

Cricut machines and carts on sale

Just thought I make a super quick post to let you know about a sale. is have a sale they have the expression for 129.00 now that does not come with a cart but still pretty good deal for those who dont need the cart.
They also have the Imagine for 239.00 and they have carts for 14.95 and 19.99 And some imagine carts for 19.99 They have a really good sale this week so go check it out.

Our house has old guest...

I now have meet two different people who owed our home at one time. Months ago I meet the lady who owed till she lost it due to her husband dying. Little did I know when we bought our home he died here, was not happy to find that out right after we bought it. When she lost the home she took all the lighting and even the fire place mantel. We got the mantel back cause she left it with a friend across the street and when he ask did you guys get a new mantel. I said no, he said would you like your mantel? I had the oddest look on my face. lol He went over to his house got it and even helped us put it back on. That day I knew I picked the right neighborhood to live in.

Then today a man come by and said he was in the area seeing if any of us need any roof work due to the big storm that blew through that had hail and a tornado in it. And then he began to talk about how his mom and dad was the ones who had the home built. I am not a super trusting person so I was not going to oh really well come He said him and his dad built the huge deck in back, and I thought okay anyone could know there was a deck. Then he ask if what is now our office is still hunter green? That is when I knew he was telling the truth...LOL cause it is hunter green no joke. And I so thanked him for that, cause hubs wont let me paint it. lol He loves it. The mans dad is the one that painted it hunter green. Then he said he and his dad put up all the pine wood slats in the living room and bathroom. Its so odd meeting all the people who have ever owed our place. Makes me feel good though, to know this home had a history with people that loved it here and I am getting to learn some of the stories from these owners. I am going to have him look over the roof so when he comes back when the husband is here I will let him in and I have to ask what is the deal with the body outline.

Yes body right before we moved in we had all the carpet replaced and this was what we found. I knew that who ever had this home had a since of humor cause I knew for sure no one died here on that date they had wrote. If I would have had the time I was going to add a gun outline to it and then add some circles around the room with Would you not love to see the faces of the people when they pull carpet up and see this I have sense of humor as well. Well thought I would share my day with you been a interesting Monday so far.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pink stamper color challenge

My pink stamper is having a color challenge on her blog. Her challenge is to use Orange, turquoise and green and any other colors can be added that you would like. Her card turned out so cute! So here is the card I made with those colors. I love prima flowers I have to say I am hooked on I did not use the cricut much on this card but the pink border is off Accent essentials.
I wanted a sugar coated look to the big flower so I added chunky glitter to the flower tips and center. Well that is my card if you would like to join in click the my pink stamper blinkie to the right on my blog, and you can add your link to your project. Thanks for looking :)

Supplies used
DCWV scarp stack
Prima flowers
Cricut accent essential
martha stewart pearl stickers
Tim holtz distress inks

Monday, June 6, 2011

Birthday card

Hi well hope it was a great weekend for you, our weekend was okay. Was a pretty laid back Saturday but Sunday late in the day hub's decided to change out our faucet well that was a What we thought would take 20 mins took an hour plus. So next time we replace a faucet I will make sure we have lots of time. Before we moved in we had a leaky bathroom faucet so we got a new one that one took 3 hour to just get a nut off. lol Alot of the items like faucets are the original 1987 fixtures. So Slowly we are working on getting the home updated but when you run into the bolts wont move cause they have been in the same spot for 20 years its a pain.

Anyway early Sunday while my better half was watching nascar I was able to enjoy some craft time. I needed a guy card and I always have a hard time making cards for guys. The day before I had went to michael's and just happen to pick up this stamp set I used for the words and candles. They were marked down to 5.99 and there photo polymer, thought that was a good deal. So I used that along with sweet treats cart. I am not in love with the pattern paper but thought it was a good paper for a guy card. Anyway glad its made cause it has to go out today. I will be busy this month with cards have lots of birthdays to make cards for coming up. Well thanks for looking.
Supplies used
S.E.I paper Tegal + Jambi
Cake slice cut on 3 inch- Sweet Treats 
Corrugated cardboard
Hero arts stamp set-Birthday

Friday, June 3, 2011

Blogger issues or just me?

Okay they say blogger is fixed and back to normal but since all this started I have had trouble making comments when I am on others blogs. If its a pop up comment box I can make a comment easy using blogger account. But my issue is when they have drop down boxes one will say google, word press, and forget the others one is open ID and then there is URL and Anonymous.
Now in the past I would use my blogger account but when I select google in the drop down box and hit post comment it takes me to the google log in so I put my info in then it takes me back to my comment. I hit post thinking okay its ready to post and its back to the log in again. And it will keep doing it.
Is it just me or is anyone else having issues? I am having to make comments by typing my blog address in which is not that bad but I like the easy Unless its a pop up comment box then I can without no prob make one. I dont know what I am doing wrong cause I know it must be working for some I see others pics next to there comments. So anyone have any tips or having the same issues? LOL help

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Graduation card for my 100th post!!!

Well this is my 100th post cant beleive it I know not all post were craft But this one is! I had been planing this card since I seen this idea on I was looking for graduation card ideas cause I have never made one. Did not have a need to make any till now. My cousin Jasmine graduated this past weekend, now she is out of high school and off to nursing school come aug or sept. I am sure she is excited she has to find a place to live and she is starting out with very little. We all know how that is takes one truck load to move into your first place but after 10 years takes a Anyway back to the card.

I wanted to do something fun. So I decided to make a pop out card. First one I have ever done. I did learn a few leasons in making it so that if I make another I will know maybe a little better way of doing it. I am a little worried about the mailing and her getting it in one piece. I have faith though.
For the card front I keep very simple cause there is so much going on inside. Wanted to stay with pink and black colors.

Now on the inside is where all the fun is.

Will be honest this took me a I used the cricut  and a few of jolees stickers. I had to make cuts as I went and look up what had what. I used a few carts to make this card will post below what I used. Did write down some sizes but a few I did not so sorry about that. I have not put my sentiment yet it will go on the rug.

For the mirror I had some shiney silver paper so that is what I used for the mirrors.

The grad gown is a jolees 3d siticker sorry best photo I could get with a point and shot
Thanks for looking
Carts used
Door- wild card cut at 4.25
Shoes- paisley .75
Mirror- Accent ess 1.75
Hand Mirror-sentimentals 1.75
Dresser- Meow not sure of size sorry.
Gypsy wonderings for ovals


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