Friday, October 11, 2013

Pink Camo paper!

Well hello long time no see. Sorry about the lack of post, I have been crafting just had to handle some other things as well. You know how it is sometimes you have to put home first. But the good news I am so much better since my last post. Amazing how behind you can get when you cant get up and do stuff like you normally would.
Anywho since I have been getting caught up I thought I pop in and share another Anniversary card. Both my brothers have the same wedding anniversary just different years. Its funny they did not plan that just happened. Youngest brother and SIL celebrated 20 years and the oldest brother and his wife 13 years. This card I made was for my oldest brother & SIL.

Yes its pink camo! LOL But thought it make for a cute county looking card. We sat on hay bails at there wedding, was a true country wedding. I am sure if pink camo was big back then it would have been touches of But really it was a great wedding and we all had fun. And of course there was kegs, not a country wedding without Anyways Thanks for looking and have more cards to share soon. Just been busy with the house and to I have got back into couponing full force. Here a few deals I got one day.

Gatorade recover .59 each after 1.00 target coupon, Advil I got paid to buy after 5.00 target gift card back when you bought two, Yes to was only 1.30 per pack after coupons plus 5.00 target gift card back. Smuckers topping free after reg coupon plus target coupons. Glade air fresher free after coupon. Dial 1.00 each after coupon. Revlon hair color free after coupons CVS. Its a pain couponing but when I check out and its only a few bucks it was all worth it. :)


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