Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Update on what's been going on and cricut sale one day only

Well thought I would pop in and update you on whats been going on and also a cricut sale coming up. I have not had a chance to craft at all this week. Have not been feeling good and been kinda down and out. So have not taken time to craft. I am going to try to tomorrow. Today we got Attic insulation added, got some work done on the house to help ventilate the attic. We knew when we bought the home we would have to do it. And we thought with winter coming up we need to do it now. Glad we did, we had lots of air leaks we never knew about. We was leaking air from our air handler and some vents. The company that come out was so awesome! If anyone who reads my blog is local to DFW if you ever need insulation they are great. The company is Attic Comfort.

Off there web site
And no I am not getting anything for saying this...lol I just really like the work they did. The owner was here a good amount of time with the crew helping some making sure all was going good. And he come back before the job was done. And the men that did most the work they were so nice, very polite and friendly. They were so precise on there work making sure to fix leaks. Even fixed the crappy job the home warranty electrician did. Little did I know the sound I had been hearing from the attic fans was because the blades were bent. They went above and beyond with the work they did. Now we have 19 inches of what looks like snow in our attic, just cant make a snow angel in it...lol

Now the game of seeing if it will make a dent in the electric bill. I hope so cause we don't want another 350.00 electric bill this winter. Anyways that is what I did today. So enough about home repair stuff  you want to know about the cricut sale....lol
Now wanted to let you know about cricut carts that will be on sale one day only at Joanne's. Sat OCT 1st they will have carts for 29.99 pretty good deal if you can make it down there on Saturday. They also will have cricut expression for 199.99 Hope you get to go and do some shopping. Well off to rest been up since 6:30 am I am tired.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sorry I have been mia and here is a card

Hi I am so sorry I have been MIA with craft posting. I have been busy working around the house trying to get all those little today things we never finished done. This past Friday we had two attic fans fixed, funny part is we had to get a electrician to come out. And Gene is a electrician...lol But because we did it under home warranty they had to send there guy out. Can say I was very unimpressed! The man they sent out was rude when you ask him something he say I dont know I guess I am not getting what your getting at. The main part that annoyed me was he was so loud. He had this board he used to walk on in the attic. But he was throwing the board on the rafters anytime he need to move on to another area. I realized there would be some noise but I never thought he was going to shake the whole ceiling...lol My poor cats, took the rest of the day to come out cause they were so scared. So anyway now that the attic fans are fixed we will be working on getting insulation blown in. That is so not going to be fun, but we got a good price from a company and we are going to use them. We knew when we bought the home it needed insulation so after paying 300.00 one month for electric we decided its time. I hope after that the bill will drop. But anyway enough about the boring home repair talk...lol

I made this card cause I needed a annv card for spet 25. Funny story to that date is My brother cliff got married to my SIL Jenny in 1994 on sept 25. Then in 2000 my brother richard married my SIL Shelia on of all dates SEPT 25! So both there annv are so easy to remember...lol It was not planned but was funny when my brother cliff said wow your getting married on our ANNV. So the good part of that is one can called the other and make sure they dont forget the ANNV. Which has happened...lol I just thought I share that funny little family story. Okay the card, it s simple card and I had major mental block going for this card. You know how that is when you just have no creative juice flowing. When I dont make something for a while I do that. So products used will be listed below. Thanks for looking.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cricut carts on sale at Joanne's

I thought I would share some sales they have going on at Joanne's. They have full content carts at 39.99 and the best deal is the cricut projects and events carts for 19.99! You can get Flower Shoppe for 19.99 seems like that one has been a big seller.
I am going to start posting the weekly sales again like I used to. Stopped doing it cause I have been on a tight budget and sometimes I see the really good sales and its tempting to go and spend. So that is how I have been saving money not really looking at every sale ad...lol
Also I will be posting a project soon sorry I have taken this last week off. I have been slacking. This weekend was full of to do's or else I would have crafted and posted already. But I have to make a make something tomorrow since I am needing to send a card out and I dont have any ANNV cards on hand. So tomorrow you should see a post. I should be able to make it and get it posted. Thanks for being understanding I am sorry to have slacked off on crafting but we have had a busy few week working around our house. Will explain later...lol

Monday, September 12, 2011

I have a secret

I know I have not been posted a craft project lately and I plan to in the next two days. But today and last week I have been busy working around the house. Sunday gave our porch a good cleaning and added a few things like table and chairs and flowers. It looks so much better I think, it looks much more inviting. And during the week before I have been scrubbing and scrubbing our guest bath room tile. From the time we moved in I wanted to clean the dingy grout and I knew we had to re chalk the tub. So before we re chalk I wanted to make sure the grout was clean. What a chore this has been. Now we have to repair a few tiles and then we can chalk the tub area. And during all this I weeded the flower bed since the weather was so pretty last week. I also added fresh mulch so the flower bed looks good again and its ready for fall. This past Saturday we had an attic insulation company come and give us a est of how much it would run to get more insulation added and I was shocked it was not as bad as I thought it would be. So we plan to be doing that soon. I have to get two attic fans fixed before then and today Gene fixed an electric line that had wire nuts just open and laying on a beam was not in a box at all. Very safe...lol So its in a box now. So that has been what I have been up to. Just small things that eat up time.
Part of today I spent doing something I used to do a while back before we moved. Its something I have not talked about but I will admit it now. Today I have been clipping coupons...lol Yes I am a couponer!
 I cut them for sorting and then I will file them in coupon folder's.

My helper socks she loves coupons....lol

I used to do it all the time before we moved then during getting the house ready and moving and settling I did not have time and then I just kinda got out of it. I used to go to the store all the time and get free stuff, what I did not use I gave to family and friends or donated.  I am not one of those extreme couponer like on TV. That drives me nuts to see them get 1,000 worth of stuff for 5 dollars. Best I ever did was 230.00 and got it down to 8.00 but it takes time and you have to orginize to save that kind of money. I just want to save some money. Those extreme couponers have stock piles and spend hours a day getting ready for shopping trips. I want time to enjoy other things...lol I hate doing it, but since we have more bills now I am finding one income is not cutting it. Its so depressing to go to Michaels and have 5.00 extra to spend. Trust me I did it this week. So I have decided the only way I can get to where I can make the bills and have a little extra for crafting is to get back into couponing. And I hope it will give me more extra money to be able to get more of credit card debt paid off sooner. So bare with me I will post something soon, I have a few projects I have to do and some I just want to do. Just wanted to say where I have been and admit my secret to you, maybe some of you are couponers yourself. Well hope you had a good Monday and will have a post craft related soon.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

10th Annv of 9/11

I wanted to take some time to remember Sept 11th. It is hard to believe its been ten years! Sept 11th did not affect me personally, I did not lose anyone or know anyone who lost loved ones. But my heart goes out to any of those who have lost loved ones or friends to the tragic events of 9/11.
This week as they have been showing past videos it brings up so many emotions, I cant even imagine what its like for those affected by it personally. They have to relive it over and over I dont know if I could bare it had I lost a loved one on 9/11. They say time heals but I dont think time will ever heal what happened on 9/11 and the impact it made on there lives. Each person lost was not just a name they were husbands and wives mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers. And they were somebody child. I will never forget that day I found out about the attacks.
I was home and I was still asleep till the phone rang and I heard the answering system come on and could hear Gene saying turn the news on there are planes crashing. As I said I was asleep so I was very confused. I thought what in the world is he talking about? I call him back at work and he tells me turn the news on, two planes have hit the trade centers. And when I seen the building I was first in shock then they replayed the video of the second plane hitting and I could not believe it. Well after I hung up with him I was glued to the tv as most of us was that day. But he had to go out of the office to work since he is a electrician. So him and his helper who is also a friend left for work. I was watching it thinking who did this and why? And then I thought I wonder how they will get these fires out. Never did it cross my mind what would happen. As I was watching live I seen the building go, I thought no that could not have been the whole building. But it was. I called Gene and his helper and said the building just fell, he said the building what? I said the building is gone. And during the between news you were getting reports of all planes to land and be grounded. And then reports if of a plane hitting the Pentagon and others still missing. It was then I realized this is not over what target is next. When I seen the news of a plane crashing in a field you had to wonder where had that one been heading to. If it had not been for those brave people who knows how many more would have died that day. That evening after seeing this all day, I was outside sitting on our porch. It was so quite, the silence was erie. We lived right under the landing path for DFW airport. And for the first time there were no planes, it was just so quite you could hear a pin drop. But with the quite come the comfort of it was over but life will never be as we knew it.

Forward to ten years later I think its safe to say we all have adapted to the normal. But those mostly those who lost there loved one. They still had to get up the next day and live life no matter the pain. Mom or dads still had to take care of there children and provide for them. And some who had not had there children yet had to face giving birth without there husbands. Its amazes me the strength they had and still have. It really says something about the human spirit to move ahead and adapt. We cant every change what has happened but you found a way to move ahead to a new normal.

Did what happen make me want to not travel? No for the first time in my life on the week of the first annv of 9/11, I flew on my first commercial airplane to Vegas. My brother thought I was nuts...lol But as I told him if you let what happened scare you into not enjoying life then they have won. I will not let them hold me back from living, life is to short. I don't want to look back when I am older with regret of all the things I wish I had done. That is what I have learned from 9/11, live for today your not promised tomorrow.

The water falls that honor the lost, were the WTC's once stood.
 So as we remember 9/11 my hope for today on the tenth annv of 9/11 as they unveil the memorial, may it bring closer to those who survived  or lost loved ones. So many did not get to bury there loved ones and have no place to visit. I hope this will give them a place to grieve and pay respects. It is there finale resting place. And I pray that all goes well today and it remains a safe day. Its so sad that such hate and evil live on this same planet we all share. I have yet to understand why cant we all have the right to believe in whom ever god we want to believe in and not be hated for it. But I guess somethings will never make sense. Take time to remember but do take time to enjoy life, your loved ones and be thankful for what you have. Have a good day! Feel free to share your story, would love to read what others were going through that day.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Hello hope everyone had a great Labor day, we had a pretty good time. I am sorry to leave picking a winner hanging till today. But I did not know that DH had planned for us to leave out sunday around lunch to my familys to spend the night and then Labor day. So with that said its time to pick a winner! And the winner of the MY Memories Suite is...

JustYolie said...
Beautiful layouts!! I like anything with swirls and they have several that I can't choose just one! :)

Congrats JustYolie! I will be contacting you, if anyone would like to get the software also here is the info just for crafty-shell reader.
Special offer to Crafty-Shell readers!!!
My Memories Suite has an coupon code for crafty-shell readers. You will get 10.00 off the software plus 10.00 to spend at the my memories store to get your favorite digital pack or packs. A 20.00 vaule the coupon code is STMMMS95065 just click here and add the code during checkout.

Thanks for entering the give away and congrats to the winner.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day!

I am making this post early and posting on Labor day. I just wanted to take a min and say happy Labor day hope you are having a great one. Also want to let the ones who entered the My Memories Suite give away that I wont be able to post it till Tuesday. I am sorry I did not know when I said Monday that we would be out of town today and Monday DH forgot to tell me he planned for us to head to my family's early. So I am very sorry for saying Monday I will post the Winner Tuesday. Have a great Labor day!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Card and reminder about give away!

Hey just wanted to share a card I made with the My Memories suite. I use the software to create some layers for making a card. Its not just for scrapbooking! This was a super easy fast card, I had it done in 5 mins. Yes its Sept and this is a Christmas card...lol but I was in the mood to make something Christmas Themed.
If you would like a chance to win the software hop over and check out the post My Memories suite software and give away post. Tomorrow is the last day to enter it ends at SAT midnight. Thanks for looking!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Give Away on my blog going till Saturday!

I just wanted to pop in and tell everyone to make sure to hop over and check the give away out going at my blog till Saturday. I am in shock there have not been more than 1 comment. Thought there would be some of the readers who would love a free digital scrapbook program. If you would like to enter make sure to leave a comment on this post My memories digital scrapbook software and give away! Be sure to enter for your chance for the free software. I was told by one person they had trouble commenting if that is going on email me at mdwatts@hotmail.com and let me know I will try to see what is going on.
Anyway sorry have not posted any new post we have had company this week they left yesterday. It was a very interesting two weeks. I wont go into detail cause I don't want to bore you....lol But lets say for those that are lucky and get along with there in laws feel lucky and don't take it for granted. But anyhoo I just thought I make a fast post saying things will get back to normal. And also wanted to share some more I the LO's I made with the my Memories suite software. I am really loving the digital scrapbook software I think my goal this year to make my nephew a graduation album will come true with some help from this software. So here are some more LO's I did
This is some of the old family photos I have been lucky get, my grandma and grandpa you far right at the end.
The photo with the kids is my grandma and her two girls my mom and my aunt and her nephew Gene
My better half Gene after he got his Thanksgiving day Deer. I hope it dont upset people who don't believe in hunting I am the say same way I hate seeing deer killed but I don't force my view in Gene. With that said I do not eat DEER MEAT...lol or anything he kills I don't like seeing my food with fur or feathers on it before it gets to my table...lol
So there are a few more LO's and I think I will make a card today as well, will share it tonight or tomorrow. Make sure to go and comment for a chance to win the My memories suite as well.


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