Friday, July 29, 2011

Birthday card

Hi as promised here is a birthday card, it will be going to my mom her birthday is in a few days. Its very simple. I did not use a cricut cause I found a cute 12 x 12 paper from a left over paper stack and so that is where the art comes from. I glued it to card stock and then cut it out and the remaining left over paper I also used for a little of the background. Sorry for the late post, meant to post last night. We were helping our new neighbor's, they needed to borrow our wall paper steamer. So had to show them how to use it. They are doing what we did work on the most you can before you moved They already have been working on the outside. They seem so nice, young couple they have a 19 month old. The wife keep saying wow it gets so dark out here is it always this dark? LOL We have no street lights cause our subdivision is so small not HOA to pay for lights. You get used to it
Well back to work I am working on our bedroom closet going through stuff and getting rid of what no longer fits or I dont wear. I am trying to get my life back in order to much stuff and unorganized. And have come to learn the more you have the more you have to clean and up keep. More is not always Well thanks for looking.

Paper stack
core destinations paper brown
Hero art stamps- Birthday message
Celebrate it sheer ribbon
Celebrate it poke a dot ribbon
Kraft card stock for banner

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Quick update!

Just wanted to post a super quick update. I have been busy reorganizing scrap area I got a major mess after months of plan laziness of not putting stuff back, my Plus I found out we have company coming in two weeks. Since its Gene's mom and dad  want to make sure the  house is almost spotless, they are neat freaks. So just wanted to let readers know I will post a project just will be in a day or two. I have to work on a card tonight no matter what my mom's birthday is coming up on the 3rd of August. So please dont think I am letting the blog go just have to get this stuff done. Plus I have to work on getting some supplies out of guest room. Last time they were here they stayed a month! I was out of my scrapbook room a month! It like to have killed That wont happen again, I have my work station in my office and will take out supplies I work with alot that way I can still craft. Planning Well there will be a post soon just give me a day or two. Thanks

Friday, July 22, 2011

Newphews Birthday card

Well today is my youngest nephews birthday. (Happy Birthday Jacob!) I sent his card out early cause they left yesterday for Chicago. They are having a family vacation to visit SIL extended family. So I am sure he will have a blast for his birthday. Sad part I heard its just as hot there as here so they wont get a break in the heat. But maybe one of those days they have a cool day before coming back to super hot So this was his birthday card I wanted something that would give him a laugh. Ever since I got the campin critters knew what I wanted to do with this skunk coming out of a out house. It was going to be on his birthday Hard not to put stickles on the skunk but it had to go out that day was no time to dry :( Thanks for looking.
Campin Critters
Baszel card stock
Kraft card stock for card base
Chip board for rocks on bottom hand cut
Tim Holtz distress inks
Happy birthday stamp - Hero arts Birthday messages
And super old label
Patches of Pink

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Pink Stamper Design Team Submisson

I know I am cutting this close, Robyn from My Pink Stamper is having her design team call. Her last design team had some amazing projects. I got to find some awesome talented blogger's. I have never had the chance to serve on a design team but I would love to give it a try. I enjoy crafting so much, any chance to or reason to craft sounds good to So for the My Pink Stamper Designer team call you had to use theses colors.

(other optional color of your choice) I pinked hot pink
I love when she says certain colors cause it really challenges you. And what she picked it really fun colors bright and cheerful. I have got to where I use more bright colors cause of her, I used to use alot of pastels. So  I used the Cindy Loo cart for this card I just loved this little fellow.
So that is my card I am submitting for the design team call, there are so many wonderful projects submitted I don't know how she is going to pick the I feel for her. Here is the link if you would like to check it out. Pink stamper designer team call Thanks for looking!

Cindy Loo Cart- squirrel cut at 3 inch with DCWV stack card stock greens
Box for squirrel cut at 2.75 by 3.75 I used corner chomper on it Recollectons card stock hot pink
My Friend stamp- Stampendous Happy Messages
Pattern paper imaginise- sweet summer breeze 3.50 tall by 6 inch wide
Orange DCWV stack card stock
Turquoise DCWV stack card stock
Brown Card stock core dinations
Martha Stewart Ribbon
Martha Stewart Loop punch
Stickles diamond
Tim holtzs distress ink
White Gel pen

Monday, July 18, 2011

Winnie the pooh (Oh DEAR)

Sorry meant to have up yesterday but it was one of those days, everyone was calling and when I was trying to get finished the cats would say hey lets bother mom. lol Anyway okay I know some will think okay she is adult but I cant help but love how cute the new Winnie the pooh movie looks. Its just reminds me of my child hood and the simple time in life. And every time I see the movie trailer I say AWE So I thought in honor of the movie I would make a winnie the pooh card. I had bought this cart and had not used it so I thought what better time to open it up and craft with it. My gyspy was low on power so I had to play with the sizes so forgive me for not having the sizes of the cuts. Here was my inspiration.

A clip from the movie

And here is my card I made

The movie trailer if you would like to check it out I dare you not to go AWE!
Thanks for looking!
Supplies used
Pooh and friends cart
Create a critters for tree stump
Card board I cut the rocks out by hand.
Hero arts stamps
Patches of Pink

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dog days of summer

Not my pup but this is how all the furry friends feel right now.
Extreme measures to keep
Okay is it just us or everyone having hot temps,  here in Texas its plan misable. Tonight on way home from bike ride I seen a bunny in a yard and it was just sitting there panting. It was so hot it did not hardly move, it said to heck with it I am not moving. LOL Poor thing and it was a big black bunny at that. And as I watered the garden tonight at 9 pm a cat come in our yard panting. Its just been crazy hot here. Be nice if we could get some rain we have not seen rain in a while. I found our ground is cracking by our drive even with watering it. Our garden is not doing so hot in the heat, have lost some of my veggie plants. I am down to tomato's and peppers and bells peppers. So anyway hope others are getting to see rain and cooler temps. I just had to share this photo cause this is how we all feel right I got it off the local news web site. Well off to craft I have not had time this week so I am going to now. Will post it Friday or over weekend. Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Birthday card

Hi I am so sorry I have been MIA for so long on craft projects. I know I lost a few followers and I get it, my post have gone down. Where have I been? Trying to get our home back in order, seems like the more you have the more time it consumes. And after our move last year I put off alot of boxes and home projects cause I was tired and needed a break. So I have been trying to work on getting that done. Please bare with me if I dont post a project one week. I will in future post if I wont be able to make a post that week to let you know. Anyway we had a productive weekend here till Sunday night at lest. We mowed and cleaned up the front entry amazing how much dirt collects there. And I picked up some junk in the back yard. Then I clean our shed some and that is where the end of the weekend took a turn. As I was coming out I missed my step and started falling since I my hands where full I could not catch myself. So I finally let go of the stuff cause what was coming was a cinder block I was about to fall on head first. That would have hurt, so I was able to miss it but I still hit the cinder block with my chest area. If you girls know what I mean. My that hurts so much, one of the girls is bruised up now. I scraped up and banged up my arm and leg, leg will have pretty good bruise on it for sure. But I am lucky I missed falling face first on the cinder block.  My wrist took the brunt of the fall but seems okay. It hurts a tiny bit if I put a bunch of body weight on it but no breaks just a little bruises. So that was my weekend. Anyway today I made my SIL a card her birthday will be coming up in a few days so thought I would share it with you. I used the new cart I just got cindy loo. Thanks for looking and I hope you can bare with me if I dont post a ton like I was. This week should be better cause I got alot done last week.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

Well I have been busy working around the house last couple of days sorry for no post. So thought I pop in and say hope everyone is having a good July 4th. We stayed home this year so just us two no cook outs or But I have enjoyed the laid back weekend getting a few things done that needed to get done. But later on we might go see some locall fireworks tonight have not decided yet. But before we go I am going to water our yard really good. We are under burn ban in our county in Texas cause of how dry we have been 80 % of Texas is under extreme historic drought. We are the lucky ones but we are still dry. But with all that we still have people in our housing addition still using fireworks in there back yards. Not little ones the big ones that go way up. And the fire marshal was driving our road last night looking for them So anyways hope everyone has a safe July 4th and enjoy the day. Will be back with a craft post soon.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Trip to the fire museum

Okay a few days ago I posted about our train ride through Denton county Texas. And I had a pretty long post so promised I would post about the fire muse another day. So here it is. While we was in town walking past the main fire station I noticed they had a small museum inside and since DH used to work part time for a small fire department I thought well lets go check it out. They had lots of pictures of our town long ago and pictures of certain fires they worked. But they had lots of equipment on display as well.
This is a Hose Cart they used to move these around by hand in the late 1800's until the early 1900's they went to horse drawn hose carts, Cant blame
These are fire man suits worn through the years The one in the center is late 1990's to present One to the right is from the 1920's to 1930.

1950's to 1960's
I did not get a date on this but judging by it I would say its a 1920's to 1930's

Now this one is very old I have never seen such a old helmet and well used.

This guy looks like he is about to take off in the space But he is a proximity suit not sure what that is really.

This was a bunch of old hose nozzles

The brass nozzle was a deck gun nozzle it was dated late 1800's
Well that was most of what I got I did not take alot of photos cause my camera bat was running low. I know its not craft related but thought some of you might like to see all the neat stuff fire museums have in them. Its always neat to see all the old old equipment they had to work with. And here is a interesting fact to end with. Back when it the fire department was the bucket brigade it was law you had to have your own water bucket and have it outside your home. Many would have there names on them, and I always thought they brought there buckets to put fires out. I learned something new. Thanks for looking.


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