Monday, August 29, 2011

My Memories Suite and GIVE AWAY time! (CLOSED)

I am so super excited posting today. Sorry it is later than I thought it would be but we have had Gene's family in town. But I have been looking forward to posting this for little over two weeks now. So here we go!

Liz at My Memories Suite contacted me asking if I would like to try there digital scrapbook software and sponsor a GIVE AWAY! So I thought why not been wanting to try digital scrapbook software and excited cause one of you will also get to win it as well. At the end of the post will tell you how you can get win this software.

For some time been looking in stores for digital scrapbook software, but did not buy any due to not knowing which one would be best. And to was not sure about digital scrapbooking. My memories suite is the number 1 selling digital scrapbook software on amazon. I have to say it was a easy download and very easy install. And what I love about the software is its very user friendly. Simple and start forward, it kinda reminds me of photo shop but so so much more user friendly. And if there is something you cant figure out they have how to videos, and there blog is a great source to view for ideas and how to.
As soon as I got it I started making LO's this was the first one I did.

My brother and his race car, its a simple LO but by the next one below I had figured it out. 

Nephews Ryan and Jacob play ball. Made this with the trouble maker download pack
Nephew Jacob made with happy go lucky pack its a free theme pack
My mom when she was I think in her 20's this is my fav photo of my mom.
The thing I really like about the my memories software is you can use your own downloaded papers and digital packs you get from else where. This LO was made with the fall collection by Amanda at Kevin and Amanda I downloaded it long ago and was able to use it as well. I have more LO's to show tomorrow so check back and see what else you can do.

I am super excited about it, thank you My Memories suite for sponsoring this give away. One lucky winner will get the my memories suite software for yourself so you can start your own digital scrapbooking.  To win click here on my memories suite home and pick one favorite digital paper pack or LO's they offer. Then come back to my blog and comment on this post which one you would choose. They offer so many pretty packs I don't know how you will I think I will let the give away go till Saturday at midnight that way all those can will get a chance to enter, will post the winner Monday. You dont have to be a follower to enter but make sure to leave a way to contact you.
Special offer to Crafty-Shell readers!!!
If you would like to buy the software, My Memories Suite has an coupon code for crafty-shell readers. You will get 10.00 off the software plus 10.00 to spend at the my memories store to get your favorite digital pack or packs. A 20.00 vaule the coupon code is STMMMS95065 just click here and add the code during checkout.

So check back tomorrow for more creative ideas you can do with the my memories suite and here is a video and face book link to check out. Thanks for looking and good luck

Welcome to the Family! from Lisa Jurrens on Vimeo.

Find My memories facebook

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Fun things coming up!

Hello everyone hope you had a great weekend and a wonderful start to the week. For many this last Monday was the first day of school here where we are it was. My nephew started his senior year of school this Monday. I am so excited but at the same time sad. He will be leaving home soon and wont get to see him as much. This year for his graduation I would like to complete an album for him from a baby to the present time of the young man he has become. So I plan to start working on getting it together this year and work on it little by little. What he dont know I have been secretly getting pictures of him from the school news letter from his school for a Whole reason I had been doing it so I could use in a album. So that is goal this year.
And I will finally have LO's to post I know I make alot of Even I get tired of me and the fact all I make is cards. Just cards are so fast I can make a card so much faster verses a LO I get really slow on those. But I will say I do have something to share this week that will help me in getting to my goal of more LO's. I will be posting about that at the end of the week or weekend. If you dont follow me make sure you keep a look out over the rest of the week. I have something special coming up that I have been so excited about. I have been sitting on it cause I did not want to spill the beans till I ready. But I will say I have been wanting to do this for the followers for awhile. All I am going to
Now time for yes another I really did need this one though. My aunt had shoulder surgery a few days ago and in 4 weeks she has the other one done. So she will be out of work for 2 months, each shoulder needs 4 weeks to heal. So I did not make a get well card yet since she has yet another surgery to go but I wanted a thinking of you card so she knows we are thinking of her. So TFL and make sure you keep checkingg back for something WINK!

Bird and tree cut out 3 Inch-CindyLoo
Glossy accents
Martha Stewart pearls
Martha Stewart loop punches
Cuttle bug D'vine swirl
Hero arts Ploy Clear- everyday saying
All paper are from scrap folders!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Round Birthday card

Sorry had this to post monday and it did not so thought I would post anyway.

Hello hope everyone had a great weekend was a pretty good weekend here. First off we got rain Saturday morn finally! It was not a soaking rain but hey we will take what we can get since we had no rain since late May. And for a solid week it was 105 and one day was 109! So Saturday was much cooler it was I think 95 But after the high temps it felt like It was also cloudy which was nice. It was just in time for my brother and nephews to come into town. They come for the day and we went to a few places and then went school shopping with them. Been a loooong....time since I have done that. lol I have new respect for all you mom and dads now who do it year after year. But it was fun, Jacob and I tried on some roller blades and was skating around Sports Authority shoe He wanted me to show him how to skate backwards. I tried it no for some freak reason I have always been a natural on skates. I can twist, turn skate backwards while crossing feet to make turns. Loved skating so much. Anyway long story short I put them up after he almost took out a row of bikes, I pretended I did not know him. LOL And after a long day of shopping we come back home and I heated up a pork loin I had cooked and we all had diner. Was a great day Ryan my nephew had not been to our place since he was just learning to walk. He is almost 18! That is so sad. But they are talking about coming back up in a few months for nascar. Anyway after Sat we did not do alot Sunday I worked on master bathroom tub. Had to fix some grout work and trying to get it ready for use again. Since Gene mom and dad will be here I think Tuesday or Weds so they say. They keep not meeting the day and then saying in a few days. So who knows they show up when they show up.

Anyway since I still have time to thought I would make a card. Made this card for a upcoming birthday. Did a circle card since I have not done one before, used wild card for the base. Was going for a very famine look. Used glimmer mist on the butterfly and then added some stickles. Well better wrap it up have house work calling. Thanks for stopping by and checking the blog out.
Card base wild card cut at 5 1/2
Leaves Picturesque cut at 3 1/2
Butter fly Picturesque cut at 3
Spellbinders dies
Martha stewart silver sage ribbon
Hero arts birthday Messages

Saturday, August 13, 2011

New uses for computer desk

Hi just wanted to make a post on what been going on. Friday was a busy day I did three loads of cloths and cleaned and organized since in laws will be in town Monday. And I also mowed the yard as well Friday.Today my brother and his family are down so we will going a few places and back our home for a bit and then rest of the day I plan to relax a Cause Sunday I have to tidy up entry way since it will be the last day before they come in. Anyway during cleaning my craft area I thought about making a post about how I have used a computer desk. But let me tell you the story of how I got the desk.
After we moved in a few weeks later people next door was remodeling and was throwing alot of furniture away. I had see all this furniture outside and I keep seeing this desk and I was thinking I bet I could use that for crafting. I would never bring myself to go get But after it got a little dark I thought here is my chance. So I went over and got it and Dh was saying what are you going to do with this. Since we had just moved in at the time and I had a place I could finally have a desk to craft at I needed a desk. But what I was thinking when I seen this was "this will not take up a huge amount of room like a full size desk". Best of all its

What I love it all closes up it a computer hutch type unit. Its not very wide but it open up and has a pull out keyboard area. So between both surfaces it gives me a pretty good amount of room. And when I am done I close it all up and I can just put the key board area in with projects I am working on.

Its been working pretty good for me and I can house some supplies I work with alot on hand in bottom.

Its not pretty by no means but its functional. I do plan to refinish it later on cause the top needs it, I was really shocked to see it was all real wood not pressed board. Its heavy for such a small unit, takes two to move it. Well anyway thought I share this idea with anyone like me that needs a craft area but has space limits. Thanks for looking, hope you have a great weekend. It might be a few days before I post again since we will have family in town.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Hello hope everyone is having a great day. Its been a busy week working around the house, today I am working on the guest room. It also holds some of my craft items I don't have the room to have it all in one room. I craft in our office and the book cases and paper rack are in the guest room. Today on my to do list is finish my second paper rack. I am building one to house my card stock only. Since I use my cricut more now I have a pretty good amount now. Anyway enough about my organizing Well as promised here is a card I made. I did not use the cricut and the reason is I have a ton of scrap papers, I want to use up. And after going through all the scrap paper I decided to try to make it with only scraps. All the paper used other than the card base is all scrap papers. Well off to finish the paper rack thanks for stopping by and looking.
Supplies used
Cuttle bug embossing folder (d'vine Swirl)
Cuttle bug Scallop square dies
Martha Stewart Pearls
Hi-Stampendous (Happy Messages)
Flowers- Stampology (Mindy Flowers)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Imagine on sale and quik update

Just thought I would pass this along a sale info, Hobby Lobby has got the imagine on sale this week for 299.00 . Know some places online has been cheaper but if you are a person that does not trust ordering online and having it shipped this is a pretty good price. They also have the imagine carts on sale for 25 % off.
Michael's also has there reg cricut carts on sale for 39.99 I think they got some new ones in, they had a bunch on clearance not long ago to make room for new ones. So that is all the sale info I have hope that helps someone out.
Now a update where I have been. I am still working around the house since we have company coming end of this week. But today I do plan to craft some today, I need a craft I will be posting tonight or tomorrow. I have been doing anything to stay out of this heat its been miserable hot here. All last week we hovered at 107 every day. They had us conserving electric last week due to over load of demand and we almost come close to rolling black outs Thursday. Hard not to use your stove, dishwasher or washer or dryer between 3 pm to 7 pm every day. But hey was nice to have the news reporter say hey you cant do dishes or wash cloths right Sure we will have to do the same this week unless something changes still looking almost same temps this week. Hope it gets cooler soon and get some rain, we need rain so bad. Grass is like walking on hay, and ground is cracking. Our water bill was bad this month but hate to see the next bill. Anyways way speaking of water I need to go and put a load of cloths in so I can get them done and on the line. Will post craft related project tonight or tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What did I do today?

Not craft related at all. Okay well this is embarrassing but I have my blog to share and maybe I hope inspire others.  Well what I did today was go through a mound of JUNK! Its amazing how much clutter can be accumulated over just a few weeks. Okay so I will show a before picture I warn you its not

This was all the junk I found between the table and the kitchen counters. If I could I would do away with our table, it seems to be a junk mag. Its the desk for DH on his paper work nights, his tool storage all other days. And it seems to be a great place for the drop off and find a home for it later As I was getting all the stuff together to sort I thought oh how funny a mag with Oprah de-clutter your And it hit me I am going to blog this. Yes it not pretty but I am being truthful and maybe there is someone else dealing with the same issue's. So I sat my timer for 30 mins and started sorting throwing away stuff and finding home for others. And the end result was this I have a table again!

Yes there is Oprah again but this time its looks so much I do have a item left. Fabric tape measure to the left, but it going to used for lining my cabinets. So that was part of what I did today, so thought I would share the ugly Maybe someone will feel like they are not alone we all have clutter in our homes maybe it might not be this TFL at my


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