Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What did I do today?

Not craft related at all. Okay well this is embarrassing but I have my blog to share and maybe I hope inspire others.  Well what I did today was go through a mound of JUNK! Its amazing how much clutter can be accumulated over just a few weeks. Okay so I will show a before picture I warn you its not pretty...lol

This was all the junk I found between the table and the kitchen counters. If I could I would do away with our table, it seems to be a junk mag. Its the desk for DH on his paper work nights, his tool storage all other days. And it seems to be a great place for the drop off and find a home for it later spot....lol As I was getting all the stuff together to sort I thought oh how funny a mag with Oprah de-clutter your life...lol And it hit me I am going to blog this. Yes it not pretty but I am being truthful and maybe there is someone else dealing with the same issue's. So I sat my timer for 30 mins and started sorting throwing away stuff and finding home for others. And the end result was this I have a table again!

Yes there is Oprah again but this time its looks so much better...lol I do have a item left. Fabric tape measure to the left, but it going to used for lining my cabinets. So that was part of what I did today, so thought I would share the ugly truth...lol Maybe someone will feel like they are not alone we all have clutter in our homes maybe it might not be this extreme...lol TFL at my mess...lol

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