Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

WOW its been to long since I made a post...lol I just wanted to say to those who follow and everyone else I am wishing you and your family have a wonderful blessed Christmas. I am so sorry for no post the last few months. I had to put my blog last on the list, I had to make the home and personal life first. I hope you all understand, things are calming down now. But with that said I will say I am ready to get back to my blog right here after Christmas. I have SOOOOO missed it and missed sharing with you guys. I have been crafting just did not have extra time to post. So that is what my new year will hold is making time to blog no matter what. Well again have a wonderful safe Christmas.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Easel Card

My Nephew turned 13 in this last month and I wanted to make a cute fun card for him. He loves to ride 4 wheelers and motor cycles and such, so wanted to use this cute cut from Campin critters. Did not want to make the standard card so decided to make a easel card. Was the first time I have made a easel card, I enjoyed making something different. So here is the card its pretty simple, did not want to over do it.
The sentiment is from a dollar stamp at Michael's I just taped off the image it was super close to the saying and I just wanted the saying from the stamp. I also used the full stamp for another card I will post next.
Here is the side view
Thanks for stopping by and looking as normal supplies will be listed below :)

Supplies used:
Campin Critters (4 wheeler)
Lyrical Letters (number 13)
Studio G stamp from Michael's 1.00 stamps (Sentiment)
Blue pattern background (Bohemia-Bluebird "all boy" dragonfly/Blue)
 green pattern paper (K and Company-Kelly Panacci paper pad)
Scrap green and Blue card stock
Craft Card stock
Glossy accents

Monday, July 30, 2012

WOW July almost over!

Wow is it me or did July seem to fly by! Had lots of bithday's this last month between family and friends. But I kinda enjoyed staying busy crafting :) Which is good cause its super hot outside here in Texas not a lot you want to do outside...lol I am still biking but I am not going till like 730 when its cooled down some. And I make sure to take a full bottle of water, and take breaks when I need it. But anyways that is what I have been up to this month nothing to exciting...lol

I wanted to share this card with you and the inpseration behind it. As we all do there are times you need card and you have mental block going, hate when this happens. I found this site last year its called PAGE MAPS. If you click on that link it will take you to there site. For days I have mental block I will go to this site and just look at card sketch layout ideas to get ideas. That is what happened with this card, I needed a card for my sister in law and was having a hard time. I went on the site and found a card LO I thought was cute and just tweaked it some. They also have scrapbook LO ideas as well. But what I like is you can look at the LO's and get ideas you dont have to make it the same. You can make it the same or as different as you want, just there to give you ideas. For some reason this site just seems to get my juices flowing, if that makes sense...lol I have really grown to love the site.
Here is a picture if the card sketch I used from the site, as you see its not to different.

Well thanks for looking and supplies will be listed below the post:)

Supplies used
Sweet Treats Cricut cart
K&Company paper stack-Kelly Panacci (Blossom)
Hero arts stamps-birthday messages
Recollection card stock
glossy accents
Cuttle bug die cut-floral boarders

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Birthday cards using campin critters

Finally! I am saying finally cause July birthdays are now over....lol Sorry I did not post last week but figured I would wait till the last birthday and I was done making cards for all the birthdays. As I said in  the last post I have tons of family and friends who have birthdays in July. Its my busy month for crafting, second to Christmas.
So for this post of course its birthday cards, just to let you know the next few post will be birthday cards :) lol I needed a card for my brother as well as a cousin so I decided to make two cards with the same style but different layouts. I used campin critters for the deer, the balloon was off a stamp set. I also used the same papers trying to use the scraps up.

So thanks for stopping by and looking and products will be listed below. :)

Supplies used
Cricut Cart Campin Critters
Hero Arts Stamp set-birthday message
Tim holtz distress inks
Water colors pencils
glossy accents
Let over scrap papers -sorry don't know the names

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Birthday card

WOW July for me is a busy month! We have so many July birthdays in our family. Brother's was the 1st his wife's is the 15. There son, my nephew Jacob the 22. Then my sister's was the 6th and her sons was the 3rd. Plus my cousins is the 22nd and we have friends with July birthdays. I think I am forgetting one....lol I just made a list of all the cards I needed to make this month to keep track so I did not forget one. So anyways here is one of the cards I made, have many more to post so will be making more post soon. This one was pretty simple cause I was really needing to get it done to go out. Plus trying to use the scraps up. Well thanks for looking, hope everyone has had a great week so far. Supplies will be listed below.

Supplies Used
Scrap paper
Recollections card stock
Recollections Flowers
Glimmer mist
Marta Stewart pearl gem
Spellbinders circle dies
Studio G stamp from Michaels 1.00 stamp
Colored in stamp with water colors pens
Glossy accents
Martha Stewart Scallop edge punch

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sympathy Card

Hello all hope you all had a great 4th we had a pretty good day. We really did not do much ourselves, we went to our local Denton fire work show, ANNUAL KIWANIS FIREWORKS SHOW . They put on a great fire work show, the music this year for the show was great. Played some great 80's music like Def Leppard and Journey, I am dating myself right now but that is okay...lol Anyway here is a picture I snapped maybe one day I can afford a DSLR and shot real photos instead of this point and shot camera I use....lol

So anyways before I head out I just wanted to share a card I made for a dear family friend who lost her mom. I am always stumped when doing cards like this I never know what to say inside the cards. Its a pretty simple easy card..

I used the Cindy Loo cricut cart had been wanting to use some of these flowers on this cart and thought prefect time. So supplies will be listed below, thanks for stopping by and looking :)

Supplies used
Cricut Cart (Cindy Loo) cut at 4.25
Celebrate it Ribbon
Fiskars Scallop edge punch
Unknown Scrap Paper
Card stock
Recollections Boutique Fleur Chip Board Alphabets
Hero arts stamp set (Every day sayings)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4TH!

HAPPY 4TH! Just wanted to pop in and say have a great 4th and hope your enjoying cooked out food and fire works. We stayed home so no cooking out this year since our grill is broke. :( Oh well...lol Its gonna be a laid back 4th for us and kinda enjoying it. We might got to Denton Fire work show lest DH seems to want to go so we will see. Anyway hope you all are having a wonderful day and having a great day with family.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Cards of support!

Okay I thought my next post would be craft related but this was much more important. I have a favor to ask of you bloggers. If you could take just a few mins of your day to make a card of support for a family going through a very hard time. This is for a online friend I have known for many many years. I met her in a crafting group and since a group of us always have stayed in touch even though the group is no longer around. Jacquie has a daughter and 8 months ago she had her son Hayden. Hayden after he was born had some health issues on and off but things seemed to take a turn for the worse a few months ago. He began losing wight even with close monitoring making sure he got extra nourishment to get some weight on him, he still lost. He had to be put in the hospital a few days after they seen he still was not gaining. He gained some weight and they did some testing to try to find out why he had been losing weight. He got to go home after he put some weight on, then not long after he got home he got sick and had to go back and was back in the hospital for phenomena.
He was a very sick little boy. Since then they have been in the Hopsital and now have been transfered from Alaska to Seattle just the other day. They flew Hayden by plane to Seattle they have found out he has a very serious conditions called SCIDS (severe combined immunode...ficiency)  Click here for more info on it. Its a life threating diease and he has to undergo a bone morrow transplant. That is why the medivaced him to seattle to undergo this. During this time she is seperated from her daugher while she is there with her son Hayden. This has been a very trying time for there family and little Hayden has been a trooper with all the sickness and testing he has keep a huge smile on his face. He has won a spot in many of our hearts.
Is that not the cutest face!
So what I am asking of you blogger is to take a few mins of your day and make or just send a card to the address below. Would love to see his room full of caring cards and letters of support. This family needs lots of prayers and just to know others are thinking of them. And should you want to keep track of the day to day progress there is a Caring Bridge page and facebook page for him as well. I will have that below as well.
Seattle Childrens Hospital
4800 Sand Point Way NE
Seattle,WA 98105
c/o Hayden Boone
dont worry about room # they will find his room #

Thursday, June 21, 2012

I am still alive....lol

Warning long post! LOL We have had a eventful june so far post will explain.
WOW its been forever since I have posted, its been almost a month. I am very sorry for the lack of posting but the end of May and this June has been one crazy month. Its kinda long story but I wanted to explain where I had been. I was busy the last week of May getting ready for my nephew Ryan's high school graduation which was on June 1st. Graduation was wonderful, he had tons of proud family and friends cheering him on. My heart was full with pride and joy and will admit I had to fight tears back...lol Just hard to believe he is now headed off to college.

Ryan and me
This was the card I made for him

So after not even a week later my youngest nephew Jake wanted to come stay with us. So my brother brought him down and that weekend we ended up going to Texas Motor Speedway almost all weekend thanks to the sweetest neighbor in the world, she could not use her season pass nascar tickets so she gave them to us. Friday was truck racing and then Saturday was the Indy car and Jake had never been to either so it worked out great he had a great time. And we got to go down to the garage and on the track after the Indy race. Here is Jake on the start finish line.

Sunday we all kinda was tired and did not want to do much we gamed on xbox. He did alot of that while he was here....lol I got him hooked on gaming online with people (our close friends only).
So that Sunday as well our neighbor said he had a bike we could borrow for Jake, he knew we ride alot and Jake did not have a bike. Well little did I know how the week would end or else I would have said no thank you...lol
Monday we got it and DH and Jake worked it fixed it had a flat and needed a little tuning up no major issues. We did not ride that day but Tuesday after DH got home we thought okay lets take him out on a bike ride. We rode some trails and then rode another 8 miles on a walk bike path. He enjoyed it but I was always saying be careful and saying don't cross the street till I go, acting like a over protective mom....lol He is about to be 13 and a little accident prone. We all got back in one piece.
Then the next day Jake was wanting to ride again so Dh after he got home worked on the bike some more trying to get it tuned up really good. It was getting late so I wanted to just wait till the next day plus it was cloudy like it might rain. DH says lets go and just go ride the trail real quick and come back. I almost stayed home and let them go but thought no I better go just had a feeling. We ride the light trail and they wanted to ride a more hilled trail I did not want to ride it so I told them I would meet them. Of course told Jake once again, BE CAREFUL! So I go on and it takes me about 10 mins to get my bike ride over and I am coming around to meet them and I see Jake by himself riding on the side walk. And then he hopped into the street to get to me as soon as I seen him do that I knew something was wrong. He said DH had went over the handle bars and hit his head and was bleeding really bad. I think the worst and as I am going fast as I can to get there I ask is he awake and is he still on the trail he says yes he is awake and he was able to walk out of the trail.
I get to him and there was blood all down his face from his nose. He had went over the handle bars and hit right side face first on the ground. I knew with him bleeding like that he could not ride back I call the neighbor and ask can she come pick us up. She dropped everything to come get us and we get home and put the bikes up and we head to the ER. His jaw was hurting really bad and he had hit his head as well, he said he did not hit it to hard though. I just felt like he needed to go. Well after few hours the CT comes back and no broke jaw and no broke nose, no head trauma but he had three fractures in his eye orbital area. One close to the sinus area. Because of that he had lots of blood trapped in it and has to be on antibiotics. They said it will heal fine on its own so that was a relief. But he was very swollen the next day and sore so he was off work for the rest of the week and we was home all weekend. I thank god Jake was here and with him when he fell. Here I was more worried about Jake getting hurt never thought DH would be the one. Even Jake said you was worried about me getting hurt...lol
I made DH buy a helmet about 4 weeks before this he tends to ride fast on the trails. Always worried about him falling and me not knowing he is hurt. He said he did not hit his head hard but after I looked at his helmet a few days later I seen he had cracked the helmet. I told him as sore as you are it could have been much worse thanks to wearing a helmet.
So if you ride bikes or your kids ride make sure to wear a helmet yes they are annoying I hate them, I have not been wearing one. But that can save you if ever take a fall. After this when we go get him a new one I will be buying one as well. He wont be able to ride for about another week but just glad he is okay. So wanted to explain where I have been and hope you understand why I have not been on. My nephew just went back last Friday and DH went back to work this last Monday so been little busy with taking care of him. So now back to normal life, sorry for the long post. Will have a card to post in next post so things are back to normal...AHHHH. LOL

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Male thank you card

Hello everyone! Hope your having a great week. Is it me or does it seem like May is just flying by...lol Maybe its cause I am trying to get a project done that has to be done by June 1st. Nephew is graduating high school so been going through many old photos, you know the old 35 prints we used to all went digital...lol Talk about going down memory lane, found some I had forgot about. :) So that has been what I have been up to. But I did want to take some time this week to share I card. A friend asked me to make a card for her, she was needing a male thank you card. I broke out a new cricut cart I have had for some time but had not used yet, the Pagoda cart. I used the dragon fly's cut at 3 inch. Okay well better get back to work on the project....lol Things will get back to normal soon bare with me and thanks for stopping by my blog.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Birthday card

Hope everyone is having a good week, this week has been so fast. Lest it seems to have been for me....lol I am sorry I have not posted in the last week but I am working on a graduation project for my nephew. He graduates June 1st so I am really trying to get as much done as I can. But till I get it done and things get less busy here is a card I made for DH Grand mother's birthday. Very simple care not very fancy at all. Well thanks for looking :)

Friday, May 11, 2012

Mother's Day Cards

Happy Friday! Well as promised here is another post, I know shock right two post in one week....lol Life is getting back to normal it seems. I needed four Mother Day cards and with time being limited I made them all the same. Would like to have made each one different but I was really getting close to needing them to go out. Wanted to make something different than the normal card layouts I have been doing. So I thought I make a portrait card since had not made one in while. The base card was 5 inch wide by 6 inch long and I used kraft card stock. I cut the scallop circle on the cricut and well as the pattern paper circle. I was able to make two cards from each circle. And I used the real dial size feature for cutting them since I wanted the circles to layer at the top of each card.The half scallop circle is popped up with foam tape. Between the popped up layer and the pearls and gems I used on the prima flowers I was a little worried about them during the mailing process. I did add extra stamps in case, so fingers crossed they will get there and make it in one piece...lol As normal the supplies I used will be listed at the bottom. Thanks for stopping in and looking. :)
Supplies used
Butterfly paper-Recollections Teal Butterflies
Dot  paper- Recollections Aqua dots
Recollections card stock
Cricut cart sweet treats for the scallop circle Real dial size 5 inch
Cricut cart Sweet treats for the inner circle of the scallop real dial size 4 inch
Leaves cut from Cricut cart Picturesque
Scallop at bottom cut with accent essentials
Dot and dashes ribbon
Prima Flowers orange
Prima Flowers Teal
Ditto Glimmer spray- Teal
Glimmer Mist-old lace
Tim Holtz distress ink- spiced marmalade
Martha Stewart Pearls
Gems- Treasure by shabby chic 
 Stamp set-hero arts month of may

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mother's Day Gift Box

Hello hope everyone is having a good May so far. Ours is going okay. Its been busy this past week and a half. Reason why I have not made a post yet. We had DH parents in town last week, they only stayed a week but I spent a few days getting the house ready. Had to convert the craft room to a guest bedroom...lol I will say the fold up table did come in handy, all I did was fold it up and store it till they left. I lose my room while there here but no biggie....lol Anyway they left left this past weekend so Monday I got my room back and I spent Tuesday working on some Mother's Day cards. I will post those next but first I wanted to share this altered gift box.
I will be honest I made this a few weeks ago and was saving it for the Patches of Pink design team post. But Jalisa has decided to take a break from here blog being she just had her second child not long ago and I really do understand time is limited. I don't have kids so I can only imagine how hard it is to handle a baby and a small child to take care of. So for now she is going to be taking a break and I wont be making any more Design team post for Patches of Pink. I very much enjoyed the 5 months I got to work with all the great ladies and thank her for having me having me on her DT. So with that said I thought I share this anyways.

I got this box with the necklace I bought for my mom and I did not like it so I thought why not dress it up....lol I had seen this idea for making flowers on a video and thought how cute is that. So I had to try it. The flower is made from nothing but circle die cuts so you can use your die cut machine or dies and a old book. I used nest abilities circle dies I had. I covered the box and used tim holtz distress ink and glimmer mist. Also used the distress in and glimmer mist on the flower as well. Well thanks for looking and I will another post tomorrow. Since our company is gone and I have got caught up on things life is getting back to normal....lol

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Patches of Pink Link Up Party

Its Patches of Pink Link up party time! This months theme was anything baby related. I dont have any little ones myself so I decided to make a card. Figured a baby card on hand always comes in handy, was going to make it non gender but thought I dont get to make girl cards very much. Plus I just fell in love with this paper pack....lol The design team made some amazing cards and decorations. Had so many cute ideas.

For the card I used the DCWV paper pack (The French Country Stack). Its such a pretty paper pack has a shabby chic look to it. I love shabby chic so I just had to get it...lol The photo dont pick up the glitter paper very well for the back ground paper but its pretty shinny. Its got a mix of glitter papers and plain patterns. I am a big fan of DCWV papers so forgive me for going about it....lol Anyway I will have all supplies listed below and if you would like to join in and link up your baby projects you have made hop over to Patches of Pink and link up to the party.

Before I end the post wanted to say I know its been a long time since I have posted and I am so sorry. I have been kinda going through some personal stuff, I am going to try to make sure I get more post done. Just hard to craft when you have a mental mind block....lol Also I have been working around the yard. We got a garden planted after I said I was not going to do one this year....lol Maybe we will have better luck with it this year, last year the drought made it hard to grow anything. Anyway again sorry I have not posted and I will try to get more post in soon. Thanks for stopping by :)

Supplies used
DCWV paper pack (The French Country Stack)
Cricut cart PICTURESQUE for the butterfly
Cricut cart STORY BOOK for the oval
Making Memories metal charms for the baby rattle
Martha Stewart ribbon
Martha Stewart stamps set (New baby)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter cards

I am so so sorry I have not posted till now. I had planned to have these cards done Tuesday and posted Tuesday but Texas weather decided to unless it fury....lol All day yesterday from noon to 7 pm it was coverage of tornado warning after tornado warning. There saying as many as 15 touch downs, one in Dallas area stayed on the ground 20 mins. I knew it was bad when I got a call from out of state family and they say they seen it on CNN...lol Not a good sign. But thank god all we got was the rain and storm part, amazingly not a single person died. And when you see there is nothing left of some homes that is amazing. Here is the one that hit near Dallas, this one stayed on the ground 20 mins.

Anyway later that night after everything settled down I was able to craft and get some Easter cards done. Easter creep ed up on me this year, I will be honest did not realize Easter was this Sunday. So I had to make all the cards the same I tried to make something simple but yet I hope is cute. I used an old cricut cart Doodle Charms. I had never used this little rabbit so thought it was an easy cut to mass produce. I did curl the ears down some and add some pink chalk on the cheeks and inside ear to spruce it up. I also added glossy accents to the nose. Sorry the camera did not pick up the pink on the rabbit well.
Thanks for looking :)

Supplies used
Doodle Charm Cricut cart Rabbit cut at 2 1/2
Spellbinders instabilities circles
Paper recollections- Itsy Bitsy Ditsy/chocolate bar
Recollection Brown and pink card stock.
Matching recollection ribbon
Stamp set Martha Stewart alpha
Stamp for that says happy happy-Hero arts/ Birthday message
White embossing powder
Glossy accents
Prima flower

Friday, March 23, 2012

Your a fab friend!

Happy Friday everyone! Hope everyone had a good week. Its so pretty outside here today I have all the doors open and the laundry hanging outside on the line. Its been a productive day here I have done some laundry and cleaned. And we got our Tv fixed, the screen was messed up. Cant understand though why on earth they get a 1400.00 dollar screen for our tv when we only paid 800.00 for it....lol All total the bill was almost 2,200 for a 800.00 tv. And no we did not have to pay a dime we had warranty on the tv at best buy. Firm believer in warranty's on tvs..lol The Geek squad guy was great and he got it fixed but had he told me how much it was going to run I would have said hey how about we call it done and credit us for our tv and well just get another one. We could have saved them that expense and we could have got a little bigger tv it would have been a win win...lol Oh well lesson learned next time I will for sure ask how much even if its not coming out of our pockets. So that has been my day, here in a bit I am going for a bike ride since its so nice.  After the much needed rain we got this week it nice to see the sun and it be 70 plus outside. But the lake is now over the normal level so that is a blessing considering we was 7 ft below normal. I guess I can say lest out part of Texas is getting out of the drought. We have to mow this weekend with all the rain its got pretty tall. And we have more weeds than grass so we have to work on that....lol Anyway thought I pop in and share a card I made. The stamp I used is from the Michael's 1.00 area stamps. I thought it turned out pretty cute for only being 1.00. I colored some parts in with a blender pen and ink pads. Will say blender pens are pretty handy to have around if you like to stamp images. I also added some glossy accents to the eyes to make them dimension. Anyway hope everyone has a great weekend and you are having wonderful spring weather as well. :) Supplies will be listed below thanks for looking

Supplies used
Studio G stamp For owl and saying
Blender Pen and ink pads
Stazon ink
Stickles ( on bow and wings)
Glossy accents ( for eyes)
Martha Stewart loop border punch
Sew easy fancy floss (Bakers twine)
Making Memories Eyelet charm
Unknown paper scraps.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Patches of Pink Design Team and link up Party

This month the Patches Of Pink designers were asked to make something spring themed. I was super excited to see the theme cause spring is one of my favorite seasons. I love Spring! Enjoy sunshine and the warmer weather, opening the doors and letting fresh air in. Spring is normally when my bike riding starts again but I have been able to bike ride since late Jan because its been a really mild late winter. Which I am a little scared to see what summer will be like for us...lol Last year here in Texas it was so bad here, very little rain over spring and then almost every day of summer we had triple digits. We had a bad drought and many wild fires. But this year so far we have done good for spring we have had pretty good rain showers and lake levels are coming back up.
We have had to start mowing the yard, its green and growing like crazy and the roses are already budding with soon to be roses. Soon will be enjoying fresh cut roses again...lol My favorite things to do in spring is get the flower beds cleaned up and fresh mulch put in and get some fresh flowers planted. Last year we planted our first big vegetable garden and it did great during spring but the heat got to it and we did not get alot off of it. So this year I think we are gonna plant a smaller one to see how it does. Our yard has a garden area that is fenced off so it just begs to have something in it...lol But we are not gonna go over board like last year.
Garden last year not long after planted in Spring
So that brings me to what spring theme project I did for Patches of Pink. Since I am was sure we be making lest a small simple garden I made some garden stakes to mark the plants. Thought that was spring like...lol I bought the stakes at Michaels and then did some stamping, Since they will be outside I used stazon ink. And to make it even more weather proof you can seal it with spray sealer. I am not sure how it will do but I figured I give it a try, last year we used paint sticks and a marker...lol I wanted to have something a little nicer.

Now make sure to hop over Patches Of Pink and post your latest spring themed projects for the Patches of Pink Link up party. Love seeing the wonderful projects that everyone links up. Thanks for looking and hope everyone is having a great spring so far.
Wood garden stakes from Michaels
Garden twine
Black Stazon ink
Stampology floral boarders stamp set
Hero arts poly clear fanciful swirl alphabet stamp set
unknown butterfly stamp

Friday, March 9, 2012

Get well card

Happy Friday! Hope everyone has had a great week so far. Its been a fast week, did not realize till yesterday that I had made anything to post...lol Wish I could say its been a busy week but it has not been. Got to get a little biking in beginning of the week and since its either been super super windy or raining. We had a old front come in Thursday so its kinda chilly....lol Was really enjoying the 70's even if it was windy. Anyway the good thing is more time to craft right...lol

I made this the other day and thought I post it. Its a get well card for DH grandmother. She had to have surgery and it ended up being more involved than that thought it would be. So her recovery will take a little longer. Bless her heart she is not the kind to sit around she likes to get up and do things around the house. So I'm sure she will not enjoy the recovery so want her to know we are thinking of her. Anyway thought I pop in and share it with everyone. Hope everyone has a great weekend it will be raining here so we wont be doing much...lol Thanks for looking:)

PS. Used my sewing machine yes I know its not pretty but trying to learn to sew with it. Sewing has always been a weakness for me so making a goal to learn to get better with it....lol

Supplies used
Prima flowers
Tattered angels glimmer mist
Martha Stewart Gem stone
K & Company Gems
Tim Holtz distress ink (Broken China)
Hero Arts stamp set Every day sayings
Studio G stamp set
Cricut Accent Essentials for borders cut at 3/4 inch
Unknown scrap pattern paper and card stock

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Target 1.00 card kit

Hello hope everyone is having a good week so far. This week seems to be going by so fast for some reason...lol Guess its cause I have been working around the house and getting some bike riding in as well. So that is what I have been up to but I did make time to craft a few days ago. Meant to have this up sooner but my computer has had a mind of its own this last week...lol Anyways last week I was in Target as normal (one of my favorite stores lol) and had to stop by the 1.00 area. The 1.00 area is one of my favorite places to just stroll through and see what kind of handy or crafty items I can find. I found this card kit and it just called my name. I love bird cages so just had to get it, and it was only a 1.00! It included enough to make three cards. It has some ideas on the back but I come up with my own.

Most the card kit was pretty good the envelopes are kinda thin so I chose not to use them. I used the card and trimmed it to fit a long skinny card. What I used for this card from the kit was one card which I used as patterned paper for the card.  The black gems and the black bow, also used the bird cage art that come with the kit. The things I had I used were the prima flowers and the black ribbon, black card stock, and metal accent. Here is what I come up with.

So next time your in Target don't just go by the 1.00 area thinking they don't have anything good. Yes you have to pick and choose cause some of it is not worth even a 1.00...lol But they do have some cute stuff. I have got some cute little storage tins there that I love to keep small stuff in. Well thanks for stopping by and looking. :)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Birthday card

Hope everyone is having a good week so far, this week is going by fast here. Been busy doing stuff around the house and weather been so nice in the spare time been bike riding. It was 75 today! It was so nice outside I took almost a 2 hour our bike ride. I did not mean to forget about the blog though and till today I did not realize I had not posted since the Patches of Pink design post. I am so sorry about that. Thank you for staying with the blog and not leaving me...lol
Anyway thought I post a card I made for my dad his birthday is Friday so this was the card I made for him. As I have said before I am always getting stuck on male cards, but with him I am kinda lucky cause he likes fishing and old cars and such so I have something to work with...lol
This was what I come up with, was trying to not go over board with the fishing theme. This was made of all scraps I had on hand. The art I have had for years and decided it was time they got used. I don't love the LO of the card, was having a mental block I just could not get past...lol Keep looking at card sketches trying to get ideas and it was just not happening. But when you need the card your making you have to get it done....lol Well thanks for looking and want to take a min to thank those who joined the blog and now are following the blog. So happy to have your here. :)
Supplies used
Unknown scrap paper
Recollection Kraft paper
Tim Holtz Distress ink (tea dye)
Stickles- diamond
Hero arts stamp set-Birthday message
We r memories keepers Sew easy fancy floss bakers twine

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Patches of Pink Design Team Post

I am so excited to announce that I am now one of the Patches of Pink designers! I am new at this, I have never been on a design team so this will be a learning experience for me....lol But I am so happy and excited to have been picked to be apart of the Patches of Pink design team and work with these talented ladies. So now for the first post this was what I made.
The theme was Valentine's day we could make anything Valentine related. I of  course I made a card...lol I love card making,  anyone who has been on my blog knows most post are cards. For this card I wanted to make it a little different, I had done so many cards this past month with the main part being hearts so I decided to not really go over board with hearts on this card. I had used this paper on another valentines card. And I just loved the gray and pink together. I think those are my new fav colors to use  together. I hope you can join in the fun and hop over to Patches of Pink and look at all the lovely Valentines day ideas. And you can create your own project to link up party as well to show off and play along with us. Would love to see what all you create! Thanks for stopping by and make sure to go over to Patches of Pink. Supplies used will be listed below. And if you want to get to know me a little bit, check out my about me. Of course I love to craft but I have other interest as well just in case you like to read about those.

Supplies used
Pattern paper-Deja View sweet romance
Bazzill basic paper- color Passionate
Making Memories flowers and brad
Tim Holtz distress ink fire brick red
Color box Chalk ink for gray ink
Stamp set for hugs and kisses- Inkadinkado Chelsea sentaments
Stamp used for heart-Hero arts poly clear Paris

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's day!

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone, hope you are having a great one. For us its just another day....lol But lest it was pretty today, got a bike ride in which was nice cause I did not get to get out any last week to cold and to it rained. Which was good we needed the rain here in Texas, but our grass will need to be cut soon, dread that...lol Anyway since it was nasty out last week I got to get some crafting done. I kinda had a mental mind block going. I hate when get stuck and I don't have any ideas going. I like to try new things when making more than 1 card like for Valentines. Anyways this is what I come up with thought I share it. Thanks for looking :)

Supplies used
two sided pattern paper-Deja Views Sweet Romance(grey hugs & kisses)
Pink card stock-Bazzill basic paper (Passionate)
Recollections light pink card stock
Martha Stewart loop punch
Cricut Picturesque for butterfly
Michael's 1.00 stamp(You hold the key to my heart)
Grey chalk ink
Grey ribbon
White embossing powder

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Craft room/ Guest room

As promised I wanted to share the finished for now craft room.....lol I say finished for now cause when I get the chance I want to get the wall paper border down, cant stand it! It was here when we bought the house, plan on getting it down one day and painting.
Anyway thought I share some pictures of the room, most of the storage has been in place for a while but have moved it around to make the room more guest friendly. Since we use this as a guest room as well it has to be were I can get a queen size air bed in place for guest. So here is the view of the room as you walk in. Its not fancy but it functions well for me....lol
Paper storage
I used the wire cubes you can get at target to make paper racks. All you have to do to make the shelves is use zip ties. The tall one is for pattern papers and the short one is for all my card stock. All my scrap paper I put in clear paper covers and I keep these on top of the card stock paper rack.

Book Case
I use the book case to hold items I use alot. I keep clear stamps in the teal bin on the bottom and my card bases I keep in the white box next to it. 8x10 paper I keep in mag holders. The plastic drawers are by Iris. I love them so much able to group small like items together. The wicker basket at the top I use to store extra supplies.

Closed storage
This used to be my pantry at our old house but since we did not need it at our new home it become craft storage, place to store those things I don't want to see out. I keep my paints and sprays and cuttle bug items and my craft sewing machine and xyron in here. Its not organized like I want it so still have a little work to do in it.

Multi media storage
I bought the two tall units  at a yard sale. Was meant for cd storage but I use it to use to store my cricut carts. I don't have to many so this works for me for now and have extra room to grow. Figure I don't need more than this since I don't buy every cart that comes out.

The desk is not my dream idea of a craft desk but it works for me. I went with a 6ft fold up table at target. Reason I went with this is I can easy take the few items I have on it and put them away and fold the table up and store it while guest are staying. And I have a small back up table to craft on in my office should I need to craft.

Rolling cart
I use this to keep things I use alot handy to me this sits right by me when I craft so if I need stamping blocks or stamp pads there right by me. I also keep tools I use alot in here.

And last but not lest the favorite part of the room, this is socks this is her hand out. The truth is, it really is the kitty's room they just let me use it...lol
Thanks for looking :)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Valentine's card

Wow Jan flew by hard to believe Valentine's day is almost here. Sorry have not posted last week but I will be honest the weather had been so wonderful I have been getting bike rides in when I can. Plus I also got my craft room done! Finally broke down the weekend before last and got a folding table. I would love to have a desk desk but since its our only guest room I have to have it were I can remove the table so we have room for an air bed. So this works for us were I can get double use from the room, I figure might as well use it we don't have over night guest over to much. So anyway that has been what I have been up to. I will post on the room really soon I already took the pictures so will do a detailed post this week. But till then after I got the room done I was inspired to craft....lol So thought Id share the card I made. Trying to get Valentine's Day cards done since they will need to go out soon. I still have some more to make and the weather has turned cool again so works out good...lol Well thanks for looking and hope you had a great weekend and having a good start to the week.

Supplies used
Hero Arts Poly clear stamps set everyday sayings for the xoxo.....
Martha Stewart requiem alpha set for LOVE YOU
White embossing powder
Tim Holtz distress ink- fire brick red
Celebrate it ribbon
G.C.D studio-Rose ccolored glasses collection
Large flower pattern-Tinted flowers
Stripe paper-Tinted rose stripe
Circle paper- Rose Circles

Monday, January 23, 2012

Another Valentine's Day card

Hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend, ours was pretty laid back.We had the cable repair out Saturday so we spent most of the day here. But we did find out what was causing the cable to go down and its fixed, thank goodness. Was so tired of losing it and it taking hours to come back up. And Sunday DH went to OK. for about half the day, I stayed home. Thought I would get to enjoy a bike ride since it was gonna be 71 outside. I was wrong....lol We had winds start up and they gusted up to 32, was not about to go out in that...lol Then tons of dust blew in from the TX pan handle it was crazy dusty here. Felt sand blasted coming out of walmart. Anyway since it was windy and I did not really have anything to do, thought what better time to craft than now. Plus trying to use the scrap paper up.....lol So this was the card I made Sunday and I will have more Valentines cards soon. Thanks for looking, supplies will be listed below.

Supplies used
Cricut cart George and basic fonts for word love
DCWV paper was left over scrap
U from mini monograms
Heart from Cricut cart Doodle Charms
Numbers Stamp set-Hero Arts Poly Clear Fanciful Swirl Alphabet
Martha Stewart Loop Punch
Cereal box for the chip board
Corner Chomper
Tim Holtz distress ink Fire Brick Red
Glossy accents used on the U

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Birthday card for a guy

Once again the dreaded card for a guy...lol I am always stumped when I go to make cards for guys. You would think I be over it by now since most of my family is men. I have two brothers and two nephews and most my cousins is men as well. Anyway I made this card for extended family, DH dad's birthday is coming up soon. He is really hard to make cards for cause he don't have a hobby or anything he don't hunt, fish, golf nothing...lol So this was what I come up with, I hope looks guyish lest I hope....lol I was going to add eyelets to the banner flags but my eyelets did not go small enough. I was already set in making it so I went with it and let the eyelets off.

Well Hope you all have had a good week so far. It was so pretty today here in Texas. It was almost 70 and sunny. I enjoyed a long bike ride and plan to tomorrow as well since it will be 73. Don't like riding in the cold so don't bike much in winter but this year have been able to bike alot more. So that has been what I have been up to today thanks for looking and will be working on more valentines cards next.

Supplies used
K and Company paper Blue Awning Letter Stripes Flat Paper
K and Company Blue Awning & Ivory Damask Flat Paper
Happy Birthday stamp Hero Arts Birthday message
Martha Stewart Alpha stamp set-requiem font
Making Memories Snaps
Scrap fabric for the flags


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