Thursday, June 21, 2012

I am still

Warning long post! LOL We have had a eventful june so far post will explain.
WOW its been forever since I have posted, its been almost a month. I am very sorry for the lack of posting but the end of May and this June has been one crazy month. Its kinda long story but I wanted to explain where I had been. I was busy the last week of May getting ready for my nephew Ryan's high school graduation which was on June 1st. Graduation was wonderful, he had tons of proud family and friends cheering him on. My heart was full with pride and joy and will admit I had to fight tears Just hard to believe he is now headed off to college.

Ryan and me
This was the card I made for him

So after not even a week later my youngest nephew Jake wanted to come stay with us. So my brother brought him down and that weekend we ended up going to Texas Motor Speedway almost all weekend thanks to the sweetest neighbor in the world, she could not use her season pass nascar tickets so she gave them to us. Friday was truck racing and then Saturday was the Indy car and Jake had never been to either so it worked out great he had a great time. And we got to go down to the garage and on the track after the Indy race. Here is Jake on the start finish line.

Sunday we all kinda was tired and did not want to do much we gamed on xbox. He did alot of that while he was I got him hooked on gaming online with people (our close friends only).
So that Sunday as well our neighbor said he had a bike we could borrow for Jake, he knew we ride alot and Jake did not have a bike. Well little did I know how the week would end or else I would have said no thank
Monday we got it and DH and Jake worked it fixed it had a flat and needed a little tuning up no major issues. We did not ride that day but Tuesday after DH got home we thought okay lets take him out on a bike ride. We rode some trails and then rode another 8 miles on a walk bike path. He enjoyed it but I was always saying be careful and saying don't cross the street till I go, acting like a over protective He is about to be 13 and a little accident prone. We all got back in one piece.
Then the next day Jake was wanting to ride again so Dh after he got home worked on the bike some more trying to get it tuned up really good. It was getting late so I wanted to just wait till the next day plus it was cloudy like it might rain. DH says lets go and just go ride the trail real quick and come back. I almost stayed home and let them go but thought no I better go just had a feeling. We ride the light trail and they wanted to ride a more hilled trail I did not want to ride it so I told them I would meet them. Of course told Jake once again, BE CAREFUL! So I go on and it takes me about 10 mins to get my bike ride over and I am coming around to meet them and I see Jake by himself riding on the side walk. And then he hopped into the street to get to me as soon as I seen him do that I knew something was wrong. He said DH had went over the handle bars and hit his head and was bleeding really bad. I think the worst and as I am going fast as I can to get there I ask is he awake and is he still on the trail he says yes he is awake and he was able to walk out of the trail.
I get to him and there was blood all down his face from his nose. He had went over the handle bars and hit right side face first on the ground. I knew with him bleeding like that he could not ride back I call the neighbor and ask can she come pick us up. She dropped everything to come get us and we get home and put the bikes up and we head to the ER. His jaw was hurting really bad and he had hit his head as well, he said he did not hit it to hard though. I just felt like he needed to go. Well after few hours the CT comes back and no broke jaw and no broke nose, no head trauma but he had three fractures in his eye orbital area. One close to the sinus area. Because of that he had lots of blood trapped in it and has to be on antibiotics. They said it will heal fine on its own so that was a relief. But he was very swollen the next day and sore so he was off work for the rest of the week and we was home all weekend. I thank god Jake was here and with him when he fell. Here I was more worried about Jake getting hurt never thought DH would be the one. Even Jake said you was worried about me getting
I made DH buy a helmet about 4 weeks before this he tends to ride fast on the trails. Always worried about him falling and me not knowing he is hurt. He said he did not hit his head hard but after I looked at his helmet a few days later I seen he had cracked the helmet. I told him as sore as you are it could have been much worse thanks to wearing a helmet.
So if you ride bikes or your kids ride make sure to wear a helmet yes they are annoying I hate them, I have not been wearing one. But that can save you if ever take a fall. After this when we go get him a new one I will be buying one as well. He wont be able to ride for about another week but just glad he is okay. So wanted to explain where I have been and hope you understand why I have not been on. My nephew just went back last Friday and DH went back to work this last Monday so been little busy with taking care of him. So now back to normal life, sorry for the long post. Will have a card to post in next post so things are back to normal...AHHHH. LOL

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