Friday, April 29, 2011

A Royal Wedding

I got up early this morning to watch the wedding but ended up falling asleep, thank goodness for Wish Diana would have been able to see her son wed, she would have been so proud of him and how he has turned out. The dress Kate picked is so beautiful, it was elegant and timeless. She made a beautiful bride. Anyway so I was looking at photos and ran across this one and I was cracking up I had to share it. Its the big moment were we see the kiss and this little girl does not look happy. I am sure she was covering her ears but the way she looks she looks like she is mad. I wonder if she is thinking how dare she take my prince

Ps by the way sorry for no post have been working on mothers day and birthday cards. Will be posting very soon.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Well Easter did not go as planned...

Well we went to east Texas for Easter but thing did not go as planned. I woke up late so that put us off picking my mom up. So my brother went to pick her up. After we got there about 2pm my brother calls and he said he was not going to be able to get mom. The nurses at the nursing home said she had been sleeping all day and could not stay awake. So they said they did not recommend we take her. I was disappointed but what can you do, felt bad she did not get to get out for Easter. Had not seen her since Christmas. And since we went down for Easter and mothers day is in two weeks this was going to be the only trip we could make. But the one good thing was my brother Richard showed up I had not seen him in 6 months so that was nice to visit with him. He was his old self it was great he had us falling over laughing. We was all sitting at the diner table talking about old time as kids growing up and stupid stuff we all did as we are laughing our heads off. I remember looking around the table thinking how much it felt like the old days. I loved it, i miss those days. After a few hours we all started to get ready to leave to make the drive home. And we had to make a stop to drop DH deer head off. Yes deer head he is getting it I will have to look at the poor deer on our wall come Oct. But least it is out of my freezer! hated looking at the horns every time I went out there. So as we leave to make the drive home we get a call we have bad storms coming and they are hitting our town right now.We call neighbor and she said yes its here and next thing you know she says gotta go my fence just went. What! The sirens were going off and the winds was worse than the last storm. So we are two hours from the house and our pets are by them selves and one hates storms she will shake so bad. And about hour and half into our trip we run across the storm. It was pretty ruff, the rain was heavy heavy and the winds was making it hard to drive. A lot of lighting and I hate lighting. So we get home and we see the front everything is fine then we go to the back and other than a ladder that blew near the back door everything was fine. Fence still up shed still there, so everything was all good. But next door her back fence went down. So anyway that was our Easter day. And to top that off my mom called as we getting ready to go home asking where we was and if we was coming to take her out. Really! I am so upset at the nurses for talking my brother into leaving her. Anyway hope everyone elses Easter went

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter!

As I am waiting for my cake to cool just wanted to say Happy Easter, hope everyone has a wonderful day. We will be making a 2 1/2 hour trip down to my family's hate the drive, but all my family is down there now.  I am the only city folk in my family Anyway if all goes well we will be making the trip, Dh not feeling all that great today and if he is still not feeling good Easter morning we will not go and we will have lots of cake for us. Hate to miss out on seeing my mom since she is in a nursing home she dont get out much. I made her a little goody bag with a few of her fav candy. So fingers crossed we are able to go. Well here is the goody bag and after I took the photo I realized I did not clip that ribbon so it has been clipped, its Happy Easter! And thanks for looking

Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth day and lowes tree give aways

Our Garden

Well today is earth day, I am sure some people will say what is earth Its a day you try to do something good for our planet. For me every year on earth day I try to plant, since my garden is already planted and my flowers already planted not much there to do. But I looked at the ad from Lowe's, on Saturday April 23 they will have free trees to give away while supplies last. I may try to get one and plant. They also have tomato's and pepper plants 2/1.00 that is a great deal for those wanting to start a garden.
Tomato plants  from lowes 2/1.00
Check home depot as well for earth day deals and give aways. So anyway here are the little ways I try to be earth friendly every day. Maybe this day you can take one idea and use it even a simple thing like using a reusable bag will help. Or plant a free tree from Lowe's.

1. I recycle everything I can, we fill our huge bin with wheels each week to the top. Even put my scrap paper pieces in. I only have about 1 bag of trash each week to put out since I recycle so much.
2. I have reusable bags that I need to remember to take more often. Plastic bags take 100 years to dissolve.
3. Any time I am waiting for the hot water I have a pitcher by the sink so I can use that cold water for plants and cat bowls.
3. I only run the dish washer when its full.
4. When cleaning I have old rags instead of using paper towels.
5. Try to make sure each load of laundry is a full load. And I use cold water unless its sheets and towels.
6. I hang the laundry out to dry any chance I can, what I loved about our house had clothes lines in place already. Took 30 mins to dry one day, faster than the dryer. Yes wont lie its a pain but it saved money makes me happy.
7. We bought a programmable thermostat and in one month it paid for it self. That is one thing I think everyone should have.
8. On days its nice and cool I turn the ac off and open windows, good to let fresh air in anyway.
9. Donate or give away anything that can be used by someone else. Best buy recycles electronics for free.
10. My finale earth friendly thing is start a garden. It takes work but when you can walk out and pick that tomato you want with diner it feels so good to know you grew it. It saves money but most of all its so fresh and fresh is yummy. If you don't have a place for a garden the topsy turvy work pretty good for growing things like bell pepper and tomato's. They have the kind that hang up or one like ours that is on a pole you can grow herbs in that one along with the veggies. The key is use good potting soil. Will post a photo of the topsy turvy soon.
See the littl bell growing on the right side middle

Well that is the small things I do everyday to help conserve. And by the way I am not a hippie lol  far from I don't compost, I do by non organic foods. Just if I can do one thing to help take up less space in the land fills or use less water I want to try to do that. And if its saves us money that is a added plus. Thanks for looking.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

My pink Stamper is having a give away

I wanted to pass this on to anyone reading my blog. Most of you are on My Pink Stamper blog but just in case there are some that are not. Robyn is having a huge give away, you have a chance to win a ........

Yep that my friend is the new cricut expression 2! It goes on sale this Monday on hsn but here is your chance to win one. Know I would love to win Look for the my pink stamper blinkie on the right side of my blog and that will take you to her blog. Watch hsn Monday night for the cricut launch, my pink stamper will have a live show Monday night as well, Robyn's live shows are so fun. Good luck!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Crafting Mistfit blog hop

Crafting Misfit blog had a blog hop and the challenge was to try something new. So after I read the post I thought would like to try this. So Lately I have got where I love stamps, thought I have never tried masking with stamps. So this is my first attempt at masking. Was going to make it all masked but wanted the vase and flowers to stand out so I popped up the paper and added ribbon. I liked doing this technique and would like to try it more in the future. Oh and I made a portirt card first time for that as well. Its not perfect I messed up on a few of the stamp images but I have let the need for it to be prefect Thanks for looking, supplies listed below.

Kraft paper
pop a dot boarder -Stampology Celebrate
Flower and vase- hero arts month of may ( the 1.69 stamps I found)
Flowers for background- Stampendous stamp set May Flowers
Hero arts ploy clear- everyday sayings
White gel pen
Martha Stewart ribbon -putty
Versa mark ink pad
Brown ink pad

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Micheals and sales 4/17-4/23

Forgot to post and this will be a a little late but for those that has a Micheals near you they have a 50% off one reg priced item plus a 20% off total pursuce. Those I beleive are today only sunday 4/17. Anyway here are all other sales.
40 % off
Iris storage
Jetmax storage
Recollections paper trimmers and punches
Recollection 180 paper packs sale 11.99

Hobby lobby

Cricut expresstion 229.99
DCWV paper packs 9.99
They will have a pre easter sale so mark your calender for the 21-23 here is what they will have
Cricut V.1 AKA baby bug 79.99
Cricut carts 39.99
Print and card stock papers 12 x 12 5/.95 Great time to load
Scrap cart organizer 34.99

Working around the house

Well this Sunday has been spent working around the house. I got some more flowers planted and DH worked on the roof had a few leaks around vents and sky light. We planted our garden yesterday we planted squash, tomato's, radishes, Green beans, Red and green bell pepper, hot peppers. And today I am going to plant okra. This by far is the biggest garden we have ever had. But when we bought the house what I liked about the yard was it had a huge garden gated off already. We did not use all of the space cause this is the first year we have planted anything so this is what you would call a trial I will post photos when they start growing good. Here is a picture of one of the flowers that is in our flower bed its so pretty I love this flower.

I will post some photos of the flower bed soon as well. We now have all the flower beds complete this year last year I only finished one and part of one. This year its complete :) , maybe next year we can get the back yard finished. Well thanks for looking, know its not craft

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Weekly sales 04/10-04/16

Sorry this is late I forgot to post the sale ads. There is really not alot this week to post.

Best deal is Joanne's
They have the cricut carts for 18.99 I am not sure if its close out carts which I am guessing but they are not bad on price.
40 % off Paper crafting mechines and tools
DCWV stacks 9.99

Hobby lobby
30 % off all cricut assceriores, I think that inculdes carts

Bazzill paper 2/1.00
clear and wood mount stamps 40 % off
Coupons they have are 5.00 off each 25.00 you spend. They also have normal 40% off as well.

Monday, April 11, 2011

My Pink stamper Blog Hop

Well little late but better late than I had planed to post on Sunday night but we had bad storms roll in. We keep losing our power, it was pretty scary. I could not believe the wind it had be lest going 75 mh, Then the hail started the cats did not like that so I did not like that either. Whats bad is our weather radio is out so when the power was off I had no clue what was going on. Anyway there were three tornado's in other towns and lots of wind damage. We go lucky we did not get any damage that I know of. So enough about the Last Friday night was my pink stampers blog hop, wow there were some really pretty projects. The design team is so great, they are so creative. The part that is great is even if you are not one of the designers you can still play along and make projects and post the link, its fun. This months theme was birthday.

So here is my card I made, I wanted it to be simple but I wanted a fancy flower. This card is going to Gene's grandmother I think here birthday is coming up. The big flower is made with the cricut all I did was cut 4 flowers but made then each time one size smaller. Then I curled the ended up and used distress ink on the ends. The other flower on top was made with three different flowers I pieced together to make my owe. I hope it will mail okay if not will save this card for hand mail.  All supplies will be listed below. Thanks for looking. Hope over and check out My pink stamper blog hop

My Pinkalicious Blog Hop Friday

Anna griffin paper
recollections Boutique Fleur chipsboard alphabet
K&Company Gems spring blossom
Cricut cart designer calendar for big flower cut at 2 inch decress size by 1 each time you cut till you have 4 flowers
Cricut cart for small flower Accent essentials and sweet treats. Combined to make one layered flower.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

OWH fathers day card

As promised here is one design of fathers day cards I have made so far. You know I am not a very patriotic person I don't fly the flag outside our home. Not that I don't love our country, I was so blessed to have been born here. But no matter if I fly the flag the one thing I support is the troops who serve our country. And when I hear of loss and the person who served our country and there story's, it brings tears to my eyes. I have such honor for them, and what the gave and what there family's gave. My brother was in the first gulf war he came back he was different when he came back but he came back we were lucky. My dad was in Vietnamm he served years, he come home as well. But some family's are not so lucky. We found out a few days ago that DH dad lost a cousin in Afghanistan on March 31 2011. I think he was a second or third cousin but still its there family. DH did not ever meet him and that is sad being he was kin. He was so young only 23, he was from GA. His name was Jeremy Faulkner , his funeral was Saturday in Ga., cant imagine what his mom and dad are going through. I am sure they are so very very proud of there son, but their hearts heavy with sorrow. Now when I make more cards for OWH I will think of him. If making a simple card for someone serving helps even in the tiniest way I am glad to do something to honor those serving our conntry. Makes me want to send so many cards any chance I get. If you would like to leave a message to the family on the funeral home web page here . I am sure they would love all the support they can get. Thanks you.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

OWH and where I have been

Sorry have not posted any new projects in a week. The last few days have been busy. I have been working on operation write home cards. If you dont know about them you should check them out. They supply cards for service men and women over seas, so they will have cards to send home for holidays or just a card to write home. They have to get cards way ahead since they will will takes 3 weeks to get to them. So right now I am working on Fathers day cards they ship them May 21st. I really have enjoyed making them. Wish I could make them more but budget wise I cant make them all the time in bulk. Note that if you want to make cards for OWH they have deadlines so check before you start making them. But they do need other cards all year round like love, missing you, thinking of you,birthday, thank you, and blank cards.
So besides making cards we have been working on my computer. DH keep telling me we need to update your computer. So finally I said okay, he likes building computers. Its his So now I have a new system, seems faster. And after fighting it for a while I updated my system to windows 7. I will be lost for two weeks on where everything is but oh Lest its faster and I have a bigger hard drive, and he is happy I am still loading programs back on. I loaded my photo shop today, you notice the banner? My atemped at making my own banner lol, I wanted something smaller. Anyways I will post the fathers day cards next post, thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


You know as I was crafting late last night I got to wondering, I wondered what time everyone is at there most creative? I find I am most creative at night, I have no idea why. Maybe its because I am not thinking about the laundry and cleaning and what are we having for dinner. It seems like even if I set time a side to craft during the day either I get phone calls or have to much to do I cant even get my creative juices flowing. So for me I am most creative at night, unless I do get a good night sleep and wake up super early. Which is hard when you have insomina. On days I do wake up rested I find I want to go craft for just a little bit, helps to if I have a fresh clean craft area to work in. Which is not that clean to Well I would love to hear everyone else's most creative and favorite times to craft. Maybe I am sometimes think I am the only one up at 1:30 am finishing up a card.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Weekly Sales for 4/3-4/9

Hello everyone hope you having a great sunday. We are relaxing today after working all day on the yard saturday, what a mess it was. Still not done have a little more to do. Anyway thought I would post the sales for this week.

Open stock paper 6/1.00
Paper pads 50% off
3 lb card stock scrap packs 4.99
Vaule pack stickers 9.99
Value pack cards 3/5.00
Vaule pack 8 1/2 x 11 paper 2/5.00
Martha stwart punches 30 % off
Inks pads 40% off
Cricut carts 34.99 Note that if you buy 3 you get one free by mail info on Michael's web page.
V1 cricut 84.99

DCWV paper stack 9.99
Cricut carts 49.99

Hobby Lobby
Value pack cards 4 x 5 1/2 3.99 5 x 6 1/2 4.99
Chips decor letters by paper studio 8 inch .99 cents 3 1/2 are 2/1.00


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