Sunday, April 17, 2011

Working around the house

Well this Sunday has been spent working around the house. I got some more flowers planted and DH worked on the roof had a few leaks around vents and sky light. We planted our garden yesterday we planted squash, tomato's, radishes, Green beans, Red and green bell pepper, hot peppers. And today I am going to plant okra. This by far is the biggest garden we have ever had. But when we bought the house what I liked about the yard was it had a huge garden gated off already. We did not use all of the space cause this is the first year we have planted anything so this is what you would call a trial I will post photos when they start growing good. Here is a picture of one of the flowers that is in our flower bed its so pretty I love this flower.

I will post some photos of the flower bed soon as well. We now have all the flower beds complete this year last year I only finished one and part of one. This year its complete :) , maybe next year we can get the back yard finished. Well thanks for looking, know its not craft

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