Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth day and lowes tree give aways

Our Garden

Well today is earth day, I am sure some people will say what is earth Its a day you try to do something good for our planet. For me every year on earth day I try to plant, since my garden is already planted and my flowers already planted not much there to do. But I looked at the ad from Lowe's, on Saturday April 23 they will have free trees to give away while supplies last. I may try to get one and plant. They also have tomato's and pepper plants 2/1.00 that is a great deal for those wanting to start a garden.
Tomato plants  from lowes 2/1.00
Check home depot as well for earth day deals and give aways. So anyway here are the little ways I try to be earth friendly every day. Maybe this day you can take one idea and use it even a simple thing like using a reusable bag will help. Or plant a free tree from Lowe's.

1. I recycle everything I can, we fill our huge bin with wheels each week to the top. Even put my scrap paper pieces in. I only have about 1 bag of trash each week to put out since I recycle so much.
2. I have reusable bags that I need to remember to take more often. Plastic bags take 100 years to dissolve.
3. Any time I am waiting for the hot water I have a pitcher by the sink so I can use that cold water for plants and cat bowls.
3. I only run the dish washer when its full.
4. When cleaning I have old rags instead of using paper towels.
5. Try to make sure each load of laundry is a full load. And I use cold water unless its sheets and towels.
6. I hang the laundry out to dry any chance I can, what I loved about our house had clothes lines in place already. Took 30 mins to dry one day, faster than the dryer. Yes wont lie its a pain but it saved money makes me happy.
7. We bought a programmable thermostat and in one month it paid for it self. That is one thing I think everyone should have.
8. On days its nice and cool I turn the ac off and open windows, good to let fresh air in anyway.
9. Donate or give away anything that can be used by someone else. Best buy recycles electronics for free.
10. My finale earth friendly thing is start a garden. It takes work but when you can walk out and pick that tomato you want with diner it feels so good to know you grew it. It saves money but most of all its so fresh and fresh is yummy. If you don't have a place for a garden the topsy turvy work pretty good for growing things like bell pepper and tomato's. They have the kind that hang up or one like ours that is on a pole you can grow herbs in that one along with the veggies. The key is use good potting soil. Will post a photo of the topsy turvy soon.
See the littl bell growing on the right side middle

Well that is the small things I do everyday to help conserve. And by the way I am not a hippie lol  far from I don't compost, I do by non organic foods. Just if I can do one thing to help take up less space in the land fills or use less water I want to try to do that. And if its saves us money that is a added plus. Thanks for looking.

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