Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Easter card

Well with Easter right around the corner I thought I make a few cards. I had to make them all the same since I don't have a ton of time to spend crafting. I was really shocked I had no cute Easter looking bunny's on the cricut carts I have. So broke down and finally used the gypsy it had a cute rabbit on it. I dont know If I am sold on the gypsy yet its neat but when you don't have great eye site its makes it kinda hard to see stuff. I find myself looking at the booklet anyways....lol Well anyways here is the card and I will list the supplies I used as well. Thanks for looking.

Cricut Gypsy preloaded die
Cuttlebug Embossing folder (Bloom dots)
Martha Stewart Clear stamp Alpha
And Stampendous Cling Rubber Stamp for the "Happy"
Brizzil card stock for the Rabbit and embossing
And plain card stock

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I miss crafting....

I miss being able to just get all my stuff out and make a simple card. Our lives are so in limbo right now, things are packed up as well as just to have time to craft is a issue. Seems like every single day we take a trip over to the house to work on something, just wish it were going faster. I would have thought we be in the house by now but we had a few set backs. But today I did get the cabinets all cleaned and ready for me to put shelf liner in. I always wanted a bigger kitchen with more cabinet space I got it...lol But wow seemed to take forever to clean all of them. They were pretty dirty. Better half worked on some electric issues had to move a plug and install fan boxes and a fan. He installed a garage door opener the other day had to fix a part that got broke while installing. Its just so lovely what starts as a simple idea leads to having to do extra work cause well it wont work if not...lol And tomorrow we will be back over there again to do something else. I just keep telling myself we are getting there and we will have lots of time once we get in to relax for once. And maybe get to sit down and make a card or scrapbook. I will be unpacking for months I am sure...lol

Monday, March 1, 2010


Well been a busy few weeks we have been working on the house painting and getting ready for carpet soon as we are done with that we can move in. We had to take a little time off this past week my aunt passed away last Tuesday and had family coming into town. Bless her heart I am so glad she is no longer suffering, Alzheimer's steals so much from a person. Was painful to see her like that but even though it stole so much you could still see the love she had in her eyes. When we got the news Tuesday night I was sad but relieved that she is no longer in pain and she is in a better place. She was laid to rest last Friday, the service was so pretty. Well loved lady and she will be missed by all nor forgotten. Have some great memories of her. So Saturday we went back to work on the house. To look at the home we are making progress on it just seems to be taken forever. The home had been vacant for a year so as you can imagine there was a lot to clean and fix. Just replaced a faucet in the bathroom let me tell you that was a chore...lol But we got it done. So since we bought the home what we have done.

Installed ceiling fans cause the owners took them all
Installed lighting cause well those were took to...lol
Replaced smokes and door bell and have three other smokes to install in bedrooms.
Fixed water heater pipe to make sure it was up to code.
Replaced broken soap dish in bathtub that was not to bad, parts cost more than the soap dish.
Painted master bedroom it was orange yep orange!
Fixed a leaky toilet line and changed a toilet out.
Changed the bath faucet out today it was little leaky as well.
Bought a range and had to change out a plug to be able to use it.
And last but not least a really good cleaning...lol
Now on the to do list is to paint the ceiling in the living area. We taped it off today for painting.
And after that we can get carpet in. And it will be moving day.

We will have other stuff to do but we can wait till after we moving in to do those. So its getting closer to moving day. Cant wait either....lol


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