Monday, November 2, 2015

Corner to corner crochet blanket

Well HELLO my old friends! Been way to long. Since the last post where I posted the corner to corner baby blanket a lot has happened. But I did want to make sure to pop back on and share the (Corner to Corner) crochet blanket links with anyone who might want it. This blanket pattern has been kind of a saving grace for me.

When I got back into crochet it was at a time when I was still recovering from a fractured wrist from my bike wreck. I still did not have 100% use of it and going through a tough time. I'm a active person not one to sit around. If I was not doing something around the house I would be bike riding or crafting, did something with my time. Anyway when we found out our friend was having a baby I did as I always had done, wanted to make something handmade. So did a simple crib sized blanket. By the end of getting it done I realized this was something I did not want to stop doing.

For years people said you should sell what you make and would say no one will buy them. So after I got done with that blanket for a little baby girl named Faith I thought well why not just try and see what happens. So posted a simple blanket for sell on local craft sell site and since then I have been so busy. Have lost count on how many of the corner to corner baby blankets I have Think I could do them in my sleep now. But also start making others items to as well, like booties, baby beanie's.

So anyway that is why there has been no posting. Just been busy with orders. Think things are finally settling down. Took this weekend off because I needed it so thought I'd pop in and share the blanket pattern while got the time, will have the link below with a video that I learned from and some tips I learned in working this pattern to make it look the best. And you will see pictures of the different blankets I have done.

This one looks really bright but it was not that bright in person.

So those These are a few orders I have done.
Here is the You Tube video I learned from.
And I promise by blanket two you wont ever need instructions or the video again. The video is very handy for the decrease portion. When you are first doing the decrease it might seem confusing but its really not. This pattern works up in blocks not by chaining like 100 or 120 for your base row. When you get to the size you want you decrease on both sides for square. If you want crib sized the only difference is you keep one side decreased and you keep one side increasing if that makes sense. Now here are a few tips

Tip #1 Sounds crazy but if you have some graph paper and plan on doing a few colors you can plan your blanket out. Because it works up in blocks they end up being like a textured checker board. So you can use graph paper to work your blocks to plan a design or your pattern and colors. One row will be kind of under the other. I personally like all my accent boarder to be on the same side so if you work with graph paper you can plan your color rows and where boarder accents will be. And I might make that a post one day on how to step by step if that be better to understand. Kinda hard to explain.

Tips #2 If you want the accent colors here is the best way to do it without planning. If you do say three rows of pink like the one photo above. Do a odd number for the second section, did 5 rows of hot rose pink. With the pale pink as my accent color break and working like that that will make that pale pink all end up on the same side of your blanket. Just gives I nicer cleaner look.

Tip#3 Once you are done add a edging or boarder to it. This blanket is pretty with out it as well but if you are giving or making one for a baby it adds extra form to it to have the boarder.

Tips#4 When you first get it done you are going to see it and say well this is all Trust me it happened to me, square blankets seem to do it the worst. And if you wash it that will help solve that problem. Make sure to read your yarn care label tag. As a rule of thumb I wash on gentle cycle using cold water. It really is not dirty you just need it wet to be able to lay it flat to block or shape. Blocking it will make your blanket amazing! You can look up crochet blocking on you tube. Will make a post on how I block, there are a few different ways. Just be careful if you do the steam blocking. If you don't have a way to do proper blocking then at lest washing it and laying flat and shaping it best you can on a dining table will help. I used to use plastic trash bags or you can also use a plastic table cloths to lay it on. That was before I got my blocking setup.

Tip#5 For your first one keep it simple I recommend you do a solid color for the first time to learn how the pattern works up. Then once you got it down you can take on multi color designs.

Well that was a long winded post sorry that is so long but wanted to make sure all the info was there. I Will post about blocking soon. And this time it wont be months later I will do it soon. Plan on getting back to blogging. I have not giving up my love of paper crafting and crafting just having to work in crochet as well. This past weekend was spent working on my craft room getting ready to get back to crafting soon. :)

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