Friday, February 5, 2010

We bought a house!!!

After a year and something looking for a home we finally bought a house. Its the most stressful thing I have ever Each day there was something new to deal with provide this paper for this and oh sign and send this back. I will say the all in one printer came in really handy during that time. And emails I never was so tried of But that is all done with and now we are in the getting the house ready phase.
Its what I call a diamond in the The person that had owned it had let it go a little but not much. When we first seen it the lighting was all taken out the person had took it with them. But that did not scare us, cause well the better half is a And we had most of the lighting already in storage.
So we have been busy hanging fans, lights and doing repairs that needed to be done. Little stuff like trim on the house. And some tile work. It will be a cute house when its all done just needed a little TLC. It will take a while to get it the way we want it, but we are looking forward to getting it all done.
Its very much like starting over again having to buy new items like blinds and such cause what we have don't fit the new house. And the paint colors well there not so we plan to repaint pretty soon. And after that is done its moving day....finally!
We are so looking forward to moving day and getting into the house. But the same time little sad to be leaving our home of 15 years. But its time for the next chapter and time to move on. Its a great area and seems to be very safe. We have meet most of the nabors, as they are very super friendly and helpful. I know when we were looking for a home the most important thing for us was the area and it being safe. And we seem to have found it. We had to settle somewhat to get that but I think in the long run its going to be a good choice.
So it will be a little while before I will be back to scrap booking and card making. But once we get everything unpacked and I can get a craft area for the first time and not have to craft on the dining table I will get back to normal life. And so looking forward to


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