Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Graduation card for my 100th post!!!

Well this is my 100th post cant beleive it I know not all post were craft But this one is! I had been planing this card since I seen this idea on I was looking for graduation card ideas cause I have never made one. Did not have a need to make any till now. My cousin Jasmine graduated this past weekend, now she is out of high school and off to nursing school come aug or sept. I am sure she is excited she has to find a place to live and she is starting out with very little. We all know how that is takes one truck load to move into your first place but after 10 years takes a Anyway back to the card.

I wanted to do something fun. So I decided to make a pop out card. First one I have ever done. I did learn a few leasons in making it so that if I make another I will know maybe a little better way of doing it. I am a little worried about the mailing and her getting it in one piece. I have faith though.
For the card front I keep very simple cause there is so much going on inside. Wanted to stay with pink and black colors.

Now on the inside is where all the fun is.

Will be honest this took me a I used the cricut  and a few of jolees stickers. I had to make cuts as I went and look up what had what. I used a few carts to make this card will post below what I used. Did write down some sizes but a few I did not so sorry about that. I have not put my sentiment yet it will go on the rug.

For the mirror I had some shiney silver paper so that is what I used for the mirrors.

The grad gown is a jolees 3d siticker sorry best photo I could get with a point and shot
Thanks for looking
Carts used
Door- wild card cut at 4.25
Shoes- paisley .75
Mirror- Accent ess 1.75
Hand Mirror-sentimentals 1.75
Dresser- Meow not sure of size sorry.
Gypsy wonderings for ovals


Silvia said...


Samantha J Designs (Wife2TJ) said...

WOW!!! This is absolutely AMAZING! Love that pop-out desk with the cute kitty :-) Congratulations on your 100th post!!! :-)

-Sam :-)

Court said...

What a FABULOUS pop up card! SO nicely done!!! I haven't ventured into the world of pop-up cards but I feel like I will very soon! :)

I am sorry that you sometimes feel excluded from the Cricut Circle. I was so sad to read that on my post. I was waiting to get the Imagine and instead decided to become a Circlet and I am so glad because I love it! Hopefully you've had the year to save up because the yearly renewals are coming up in August I think! :)

As far as buying carts right away go - I totally agree! I only have about 25 and I have won quite a few and Ebay has been my friend on a few. :) I have noticed recently that is lowering their prices and their shipping is MUCH better and faster. They had Create a Critter on there for $34.99 and that rarely falls under 35-40. So keep checking there for screaming deals on Wednesdays.

I have gotten on and used Cricut Craft Room but I haven't cut from it yet. They are rolling it out as fast as they can and I know that a lot of non-Circle members have been invited it's just being done in batches randomly. I'm sure you'll come up soon. I think it is being done via your email if you've registered on So if you haven't, I would register your products so that you have an email addy on file. :)

Good luck and ask me any questions you would like! :)

{Raechel} said...

WOW WOW WOW Love this card! What a fantastic job you did!

Anonymous said...

What an amazing card!! You are right, the inside is a wonderful surprise.
hugs Deanne
PS I came from Patches of Pink!

Trina said...

The card is FABULOUS. Thanks for sharing.

Beauty for Scraps said...

What a cute card. The idea could be used for other themes too. Love It!!!

Donna said...

Love it!


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