Friday, June 3, 2011

Blogger issues or just me?

Okay they say blogger is fixed and back to normal but since all this started I have had trouble making comments when I am on others blogs. If its a pop up comment box I can make a comment easy using blogger account. But my issue is when they have drop down boxes one will say google, word press, and forget the others one is open ID and then there is URL and Anonymous.
Now in the past I would use my blogger account but when I select google in the drop down box and hit post comment it takes me to the google log in so I put my info in then it takes me back to my comment. I hit post thinking okay its ready to post and its back to the log in again. And it will keep doing it.
Is it just me or is anyone else having issues? I am having to make comments by typing my blog address in which is not that bad but I like the easy Unless its a pop up comment box then I can without no prob make one. I dont know what I am doing wrong cause I know it must be working for some I see others pics next to there comments. So anyone have any tips or having the same issues? LOL help

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