Monday, June 6, 2011

Birthday card

Hi well hope it was a great weekend for you, our weekend was okay. Was a pretty laid back Saturday but Sunday late in the day hub's decided to change out our faucet well that was a What we thought would take 20 mins took an hour plus. So next time we replace a faucet I will make sure we have lots of time. Before we moved in we had a leaky bathroom faucet so we got a new one that one took 3 hour to just get a nut off. lol Alot of the items like faucets are the original 1987 fixtures. So Slowly we are working on getting the home updated but when you run into the bolts wont move cause they have been in the same spot for 20 years its a pain.

Anyway early Sunday while my better half was watching nascar I was able to enjoy some craft time. I needed a guy card and I always have a hard time making cards for guys. The day before I had went to michael's and just happen to pick up this stamp set I used for the words and candles. They were marked down to 5.99 and there photo polymer, thought that was a good deal. So I used that along with sweet treats cart. I am not in love with the pattern paper but thought it was a good paper for a guy card. Anyway glad its made cause it has to go out today. I will be busy this month with cards have lots of birthdays to make cards for coming up. Well thanks for looking.
Supplies used
S.E.I paper Tegal + Jambi
Cake slice cut on 3 inch- Sweet Treats 
Corrugated cardboard
Hero arts stamp set-Birthday

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