Wednesday, March 11, 2015

WOW it's been a while...

Sorry I have not been able to blog any since last post it has been beyond crazy busy last month and and a half. Feb was full of stuff I had to do everyday, was helping family handle some stuff. And then last part of Feb I had health issues so had to take a rest. But I am back with kinda  crafty blog post. I used to crochet and loved it but kinda stopped because there really was no need for me to crochet anything. No one was having babies and to just got more into paper crafts, which I still love would never give that up. But this past month I made a baby blanket and realized how much I enjoyed it. So my blog might start to include some crocheted crafty things if you all don't Here is my project I made and its super easy! Its crib sized baby afghan. Its called a corner to corner afghan. Be looking for a more in depth post here in next few days. I will have links and such to help you out. But here is a sneak peek at it. This pattern can be used to make any size you need from baby blanket size to a throw or for a bed.

 This was crib sized
 Square sized for cuddling
 I also made a newborn matching headband.
And if you want to gift these there are some really cute care tags you can add.

Check back I will have the afghan pattern links and also video links. Warning it prob will be a long post, just giving you a heads up. Might make the headband a different post. Take care :)

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

First post of the new year

Hello everyone! So how has 2015 been treating you so far? I hope everyone has been off to a good start of the new year. This first week of the new year was a busy one. DH was on vacation, of course all the workers from the company called all week. They dont know what to do without But it was nice he got some time off, got to take care of some things in the house that needed to get done. And got to enjoy going a few places, did a little after Christmas sales shopping. I stock up on items for the next Christmas while they are on sale. I am starting to rub off on DH, he now looks on apps for money saving Maybe this year I can do some sharing of how to save and what apps I use to save. With the new year here I do plan to get back into my blog.

Since 2013 my blogging went down after mid year. We had the death in the family and health set backs. With all that went on I did not have the heart to craft or blog. When we welcomed in 2014 I was ready for a new year, new start. Just did not know 2014 be a bumpy year as well. We had a some highs in 2014 but there were many many I can tell you having a cycling wreck and breaking my wrist was on my goal of Was ready to say good bye to 2014.  Entered 2015 not sure of what it will hold, figure one of these years its got to get lest a little

As we welcomed in 2015 my mom was in the hospital, she is out now and much better. She is a trooper let me tell you. Sometime think I get my stubbornness from her. Some ppl keep saying I need to give up cycling but part of me is like, no! Yes I had a really bad cycling accident but it could have been much worse. Have not been on my bike since late AUG because of the broken wrist. Its taken me a very long time to get use back. And still not sure if I will be able to ride again, but hopeful in a few weeks I might. It will be scary, wont lie. I will never ride again without a helmet. My ears still ring from the concussion when I hit the rode. Have some new scars to add to the list, oh well shows I live life right. lol But one of my goals this year is to ride again and if I cant will find something else to love just as much.

Have had some haters in the past think just because I don't work outside the home I must sit on my butt all day watch tv and eat bonbons. And anyone who is around me enough and truly knows me knows better. I am very much a active person, and like to stay busy. We was watching Gravity a few nights ago and in one of the scenes its really quite in space and the person is just floating. He looked at me and joked lord you go stir crazy you there, and he is so right. LOL I am not one to just sit and look out a window watching the world go by. Always say there is something I can find to do and if not its time to be Why I love to craft.

So anyway lets hope 2015 will bring us all good times, and not so many lows. Sure there will be some, its life. But lets shoot for very  I do wish you all a happy healthy new 2015. So hard getting used to writing 2015 :\ Take care will be back very soon.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas card and peek at decorations

Well Christmas is officially over but happy late holidays. We had a good Christmas and hope yours was good as well. It has been crazy busy and been meaning to make this post of some of the house decor and did make one card I wanted to share. My wrist is still not 100% so I could not make a mass amount this year. But I made this one just for a friend. 

I used my new stamp set from My Pink Stamper it was just released in Nov I think. (A Punny-Licious Christmas) They are so cute had some really cute sayings. I used the cricut camping critters cart and cut the stick from the moose's hand and put in a candy cane instead. If you are just a tad bit creative you can use a lot of regular images for Holidays. Sorry I did not write sizes of cuts down I was in such a hurry.

So thought I share some of the house pics as well, did not go over board because ran out of time this year. Plus did not want to over do it with my wrist.

The tree was a little sad, they were picked over early this year.

This is what I did with our fireplace. And the wood sign has personal info on it so I have edited it. Its  not a blank piece of

And a simple center piece on the coffee table. Have another post about this center piece I will make very soon. So I can share more info and ideas.
Well thanks for stopping by I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving and update on where I have been

First off like to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving, hope you all have a wonderful day with family and loved ones. Its been way to long since my last post. Last post we was about to have a garage sale. A lot has happened since. After the sale I keep selling some online through facebook. Never knew they had groups. Let me tell you best way to sell stuff you dont need. I sold my first Cricut on there, I hated to but I never used the baby cricut no more. Anyway then in August pretty much everything come to a stop. Thanks to this.

I was biking like normally do everyday, I love cycling. And wiped out when my tire went off a black top road near our home.I fell onto the road and ended up eating the road and breaking the fall with my left hand. Had a scratched up bruised face, swollen lip, skinned bruised knee, bruised ankle, concussion ( my ears still are ringing, all day every day) and my wrist was fractured. 

Thought I could shake it off and in no time I be healed up. But for a week I did nothing but veg on couch. And after that I still could not walk much or do to much because of my knee and dizziness & fatigued easy. And the very next day after I got hurt our home AC went out, in the middle of the hottest part of the year. Go figure. And since then the refrigerator tried to go out, we got it fixed. Now dryer is going out. So needless to say sure the last few months has been not good. But guess it could have been worse. Getting use of my hand and wrist back, been slow going. When I first started using it again I would drop stuff and very painful. Having to work to regain the muscle and the flexibility and coordination. And it still hurts when I over do it, sleep with a soft splint on. Its frustrating sometimes when I cant do certain things I want to. Made 3 cards the other day in a row and it was killing me after that. Had a hard time using a snap tool to set a snap. I had to end up just glue it It was the first time I really crafted since all this happened.
Crazy as it sounds I have missed biking so much, am active person not one to sit around and do nothing. Always joke when you see me in bed or laying around all day I am really really sick. Took about three weeks to get my energy back. After about a month I did start going for long walks, so have been taken up walking instead of Hoping I get full use of my wrist back so I can maybe bike again. But as of right now I cant put pressure on that wrist.
Anyway so that is where I have been I did not forgot about my blog and will be posting some Christmas stuff soon. I wanted to share a quick easy card I did for Thanksgiving. And now that I can craft again, look forward to sharing some Christmas cards and ideas. But for now please have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for stopping in my blog. 
Forgive the photo just got a DSLR and still learning to use it.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Mother's day cards

Hey Just wanted to pop in real quick and say Happy Mother's Day to you all. Hope you have a great day. Know I have not been on much, we have been getting ready for a yard sale for next weekend. Have not had one since 2000 want to So I am kinda rusty at this. I thought I was not going to have a lot and turns out we had way more than I ever thought. The cloths alone, wow! Between a garage and a shed its crazy how much we Once we have the sale what ever is left we have it set up to be picked up for a local charity. Going to be nice to have more room. Anyways that has been up to, I did take some time to make some Mother's day cards thought I share them with you. Got a new stamp set that was really cute for Mother's Day. Will try to maybe post during the week. Learned a few good garage sale tips and ideas I am sure be great to share with you all. They have helped me so much in getting ready for it. Well Hope you have a great Mother's Day weekend. Sorry to share the card ideas so late. As always thanks for stopping by.

Ps sorry dont have list of supplies used I made all so fast I did not take time to write it down.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Kiwi Lane Designs

Back again this time to share my thoughts on the Kiwi Lane Designs I got at the scrapbook show. I finally got a chance to use them, and I have to say really do like them. The scrapbook show was the first time I had ever seen these. And if it had not been for a friends friend I probably would not have noticed them. It come in conversation about what she had bought and she had said she bought a whole kit from Kiwi Lane Designs. And I wont say how much she spent but it was a lot! LOL I had never heard of them so she took me over to see the booth and I just loved the idea. Its templates you can use to layer and design then you trace and cut then put it back together. I just loved the idea being I am very much a visual person.
The price point is not bad, sets I got was 10.00 and 12.00 would I buy a whole kit which has everything they make? No. First don't have that kind of money and second some of the cuts are rather basic. For example a (basic picture size pack) yes can see through them and mark where you want to cut your photo down. Also use them to figure out how you want your LO. But just don't know if I would buy them, you could make them yourself. These that I got were for use in card making. These are the small sets the brackets set was a accessory set and the other set is a card boarder set. I kinda wish I had got the bigger mini boarders. Think they had 8 inch long boarders, but hey next time will know what to look for.

They come with a ring to keep them together which I love, for those of us who like to try to keep our stuff They are also labeled so you know what set it is and what size it is, love that. Now because these are trace and cut if you are not good with cutting stuff out this might not be for you. I will say I am not the best at cutting stuff out and I did not have any trouble. These templates are rather basic cuts. It wont compete with a die cutter for detailed cuts of course. Now I am sure your thinking well if you have a die cutter why would you need these. Well sometimes I am just plain lazy and I dont want to have to deal with getting the stuff together to cut or even get on my computer to make cuts. If its something detailed yes but for a basic cut I dont want to have go to that much trouble. And I love my cricut I really do, just sometimes not in the mood to deal with the hassle for a simple cut. Sure I am not the only one that feels this Anyways I wanted to make something with these sets I got. Seen such cute owl cards at the booth ( photos in last post) and loved the owl brown lunch bag. So what I did was kinda meld the two ideas together. So this card LO is not my idea. But just thought the projects they had was so cute.

For my owls eyes I cut two white die circles and then cut two more in a light brown tone and cut those to shape eyelids. And took black ink and inked where there would be lashes also used light glimmer mist to make the lids pop. Then cut small stripes of black and made lashes. I used buttons for the eyes its all I had on hand so they had to be I pop doted the lids as well. The face was from the bracket set size 4T and the body (Feathers) was made with the Adorn set and used size 3B.

I have to say I did not use a single piece of new card stock or paper, used all scraps for this card. These are a awesome why to get rid of some of those scraps we hoard. Cause sometimes I cant use those for my cricut, with these I can use those hard to use pieces of papers. Cant wait to do more now and use up all these Well thanks for stopping by and hope you check their site out, really a neat idea. :)
By the way I am sorry about my blog background and header I am working on getting it back!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Scrapbook Expo in Grapevine, Texas.

Yes its me posting, cant believe I have not posted since Oct. Really no excuse I am sorry. I have been crafting some, took a break to focus on my home and personal life. But now I am really itching to get back on track with my blog. And after going to this years scrapbook expo in Grapevine, Tx.It really made me want to get back to crafting more.

I have not been to a scrapbook expo in a very long time and never one in Grapevine at the Gaylord Texan. The Gaylord Texan really is a beautiful resort hotel, we have been there many times before. But still never gets old to go visit. Its like a mini San Antonio inside with a river walk and Alamo exterior. Picturesque walk ways, bridges and water features. They also have shopping and restaurants inside to enjoy. You dont have to stay there to enjoy the sites but however be aware they do charge for parking. I did not know they had started charging for parking until this trip. But anyways its still a great place to visit if you get the chance. Here is a picture of a section of the river area.
 >>>>warning lots of pictures below<<<<<
So on with what you really want to know about the Its was really good lots of vendors and product. But I attended on Sat and they had opened on Friday. I had a budget of course so I could not go crazy. Was mainly after things I could not find at my local stores or just really good deals. They always have some booths selling 1.00 items. Seen 2.00 stamp sets and we are talking a really nice full size stamp sets not the Micheal's 1.00 stamp sets. And seen alot of new products I have never seen. Like glitter paper that you could use copic on, how ever was sold out by time I decided to get it. Good lesson if you are at a expo and see something you really want buy it right then don't Also seen a demo of (Scrap Happy Sheer Glue) from The Rubber Cafe. After seeing it had to get a bottle to try, you can use it to stamp instead of glue glitter pads. So here is what I got from the expo, its not a lot but like I said was on a very tight budget. The spectrum pen and glue sticks was free with entry fee. Got two since DH went
More than anything I really enjoyed seeing all the ideas. Wow they so many pretty booths and great ideas. When your in craft mental mind block this will help for This booth was prob my fav thanks to someone showing this booth to me. I really loved the product. Kiwi Lane Designs its templates made if like stencil material. You can use these on LO's or card making and build your design and them trace and cut them out. I will be doing a post with these I promise, because I love these so much. Just a really neat idea. Here is some of the ideas using these templates.
Loved this Owl Bag
 This next booth was the Glitter Paper you could use Copic on.
Really cute box for storage.
And guess who was there Heidi Swapp! Did not get a picture with her because I am painfully But snapped this one, she is kinda short I thought she be But she seemed really nice was chatting with everyone she took pictures with.
Anyways that was the Expo I did not get as many pictures as I wanted but we got there late and was kinda rushing to make it around the Expo. There is one coming up in Arlington, tx soon, I am going to try to make it to that one as well. Well thanks for looking, and again I am getting back to my crafting so you will see more post soon.


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