Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas card and peek at decorations

Well Christmas is officially over but happy late holidays. We had a good Christmas and hope yours was good as well. It has been crazy busy and been meaning to make this post of some of the house decor and did make one card I wanted to share. My wrist is still not 100% so I could not make a mass amount this year. But I made this one just for a friend. 

I used my new stamp set from My Pink Stamper it was just released in Nov I think. (A Punny-Licious Christmas) They are so cute had some really cute sayings. I used the cricut camping critters cart and cut the stick from the moose's hand and put in a candy cane instead. If you are just a tad bit creative you can use a lot of regular images for Holidays. Sorry I did not write sizes of cuts down I was in such a hurry.

So thought I share some of the house pics as well, did not go over board because ran out of time this year. Plus did not want to over do it with my wrist.

The tree was a little sad, they were picked over early this year.

This is what I did with our fireplace. And the wood sign has personal info on it so I have edited it. Its  not a blank piece of

And a simple center piece on the coffee table. Have another post about this center piece I will make very soon. So I can share more info and ideas.
Well thanks for stopping by I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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