Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Nephew's Birthday

Today is my nephew's birthday Happy Birthday Jacob! He is going up so fast, and he is tall. Well for his birthday card I wanted to give him a beach inspired card. He had just been on a week long vacation in Florida and had a blast. Thought this crad was super cute. Was my first time using create a critter and have to say I loved it super easy to put together no wasted paper for a change. Plus this card was a little green, I used cardboard I had from a box for the sand sprayed with glimmer mist. If you dont have create a critter its a must for cricut owners you will love it.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

We have such nice neighbors

Well I finally have most of the craft items unpacked, not really to organized But its getting there, I do have my stuff handy so I can get back to scrapbooking and card making. Matter fact I made this card last week. We have such awesome neighbors. The lady next door brought us leaf gatherers as a house warming gift. The kind you put your hands in so you can just scoop them up. The funny part about that is we have not a single tree on our its all the other trees from her home and the other people next door that requires us to rack leaves. We had been joking about that first time we meet her she said she would apologize ahead of time cause all her leaves blow on our yard and patio, we would even get leaves blowing inside the entry So when she came over last week with those leaf gatherers I just had to chuckle of course I said "thank you and well these will for sure come in handy" So I made her a thank you card and I thought I would make a bag of leaves, very fall themed for spring I know but thought I had to make it with So thought I would share the card I made. And I used my martha stewart score pal I will say I really like her score board alot. Will post a review and more details about that in another post. Hope you enjoy the card idea.


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