Wednesday, March 11, 2015

WOW it's been a while...

Sorry I have not been able to blog any since last post it has been beyond crazy busy last month and and a half. Feb was full of stuff I had to do everyday, was helping family handle some stuff. And then last part of Feb I had health issues so had to take a rest. But I am back with kinda  crafty blog post. I used to crochet and loved it but kinda stopped because there really was no need for me to crochet anything. No one was having babies and to just got more into paper crafts, which I still love would never give that up. But this past month I made a baby blanket and realized how much I enjoyed it. So my blog might start to include some crocheted crafty things if you all don't Here is my project I made and its super easy! Its crib sized baby afghan. Its called a corner to corner afghan. Be looking for a more in depth post here in next few days. I will have links and such to help you out. But here is a sneak peek at it. This pattern can be used to make any size you need from baby blanket size to a throw or for a bed.

 This was crib sized
 Square sized for cuddling
 I also made a newborn matching headband.
And if you want to gift these there are some really cute care tags you can add.

Check back I will have the afghan pattern links and also video links. Warning it prob will be a long post, just giving you a heads up. Might make the headband a different post. Take care :)


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