Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What a few weeks its been

Well we finally have moved we have been in our new home almost a month. Its been busy with packing then the move and the part I hate worse And we have been trying to do little honey do's on weekends. We still have so much to do we still have a shed to move and a storage building to clear, never knew we had so much And during all this going on I have been trying to get our out door cats to there new home. I cant bring many with us so I am having to find them homes. We took some off last weekend to there new home, felt so bad but I know they will have a great home there. They will be in a barn but you could tell the cat was not sure about the Never had seen that big of a four legged animal. Its been stressful but I do know that this will all calm down in a few weeks. I look forward to having time to work on the yard and relax. I still have not got curtains cause I have not had time to. So look forward to having time and shopping for items we need. And here latly I find I am adding more and more to the list. But the one thing I love is my diswasher! I had been without one for 15 years and now I really am enjoying it. It takes about two days to get a full load only draw back. Only two of us here dont fill up to fast. But I will never go without one Next on my list is getting all my scrapbook and card making stuff unpacked. I have not done it in months so I have some cards to make all the b-days for most of my family is coming up. So that is next on the list. Well thought I post a update on life here.


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