Sunday, January 30, 2011


What a long day it was, we wen to Arlington, TX today the place I grew up. We went to get some stuff taken care of like getting inspection sticker. And needless to say after 5 hours in Arlington we did not come home with a inspection sticker. His check engine light had been on and then went off well it did not want to pass cause it had not cleared. We drove alot And never cleared then on way home the check engine light come on again!!! I could not believe it. So now we have to find out what is going on with his truck. Anyway on way back home I wanted to go by and see the Cowboys stadium. Sunday is the Superbowl in our new stadium. It's crazy how much is going on, they have dozens of these portable buildings that are two story's tall even for people that just want to watch from the jumbo screen not even getting to go Sad most people in our local area are not going cause none of use can afford Tickets for the very top way up is 2,000 for two people. And those tent tickets to watch on jumbo screen will run you about 350 each. That don't include parking. Its a pretty and very big stadium its one you have to see in person to grasp the size of it. But still not worth that much for tickets. I will watch on TV from our comfy sofa and not have to drive home after the game. Anyways wanted to let everyone know I doubt I will be posting anymore this week, my in laws are in town. They will be here tomorrow so I will have my hands full. And today I have been not feeling so great think I am coming down with something, prefect So bare with me for a week and I will try to post if I can find time to craft. It might be a short trip not sure yet. Have a great week.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Birthday card for guys

Okay I am always getting stuck on making cards for men. I find I have more girly stuff than anything. So I am glad I got cricut camp out for 5.00 when it was on sale at custom crops. For this card I am lucky its for my dad's birthday coming up next month. He loves to fish so that is pretty much an easy guess on what to make. I used the fish print papers from a calender scapebook kit I had awhile. My goal this year is use up as much of the old supplies I have. I think I am putting a small dent in it. Rest of supplies and sizes of cricut cuts below. Thanks for looking....

Supplies used
Cricut camp out for fishing pole Cut at 1 1/2
Stamped cart for word dad cut at 1 1/4
Scrap papers
Tim holtz texture fades emboss folder dot-matrix
Tim holtz distress pad
Provo craft alpha stickers (LOG)
Stickles Silver for hook

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Valentines day card

I am working on a few valentines day cards and this is one of them. I am trying to us up all the papers and scrapbook stuff I have had for awhile. So there is no cricut used for this card. The Hugs and kisses was ment to be a title for a page but I thought I will make this into a card. Because its so long I had to use a tall card long ways. Been seeing cards like this lately so thought I try it. I will be making more valentines day card in the next few days and will post them soon as I can. This card will be going to my mom she has bad eye sight so thought this is prefect for her she will be able to see the title. Thanks for looking

Supplies used
Unknown title verse
Pok a dot paper by the paper studio (Love Dots)
Heart boarder and heart with bird from TPC studio (Little lovin) sticker sheet
Recollections Gems
And Making Memories tape ribbon
White Gel pen

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

You're purr-fect!

My pink stamper is having a blog hop with her designers, and by the way congrats to the ones picked. Well we also can make something as well so thought I would make a simple card nothing to fancy. I used the cricut cart Paisley for the cat. My colors I picked were pink and black for the card also did a little purple. I am trying to use all the scrap paper I have in my scrap box. The saying and paws are a studio g stamp or know as 1.00 stamp from Michael's LOL. I used staz on for the stamp, it work best with these kind of clear stamps. Well this is my very simple card if you would like to check out her blog and the blog hop and meet some great scrappers visit her blog I promise you will love it . Thanks for looking. Now to go and make a card for Gene's dad he is a hard one to make cards

Monday, January 17, 2011

Michael's has cricut carts on sale again

Just thought I would post a quick blog Michael's has there cricut carts on sale again this week. But they have added some different carts than the last 9.99 sale. Today they had Nursery rhyme, preserves, Pooh and friends, Robotz. Michael's worker told me today that they had a long line at the door this morning so I imagine they had more selection but I was not able to go until about 3 pm. I would call first if you plan to drive very far cause they might be picked over. A lot of people I think are buying these for ebay. I got the preserves one today its one I thought about getting but did not want to pay to much for it. I almost got robotz but did not know if I would really use that one even at 9.99 still don't want to get one I might not use. I have a friend who has bought every single cart put out, I don't have that kind of

I wonder how do you all store your carts? What kind of system works for you I would love to get some ideas. Right now I house the key board and the cart together in the box but keep the booklet out and have all the booklets together in a storage unit so when I need to cut I don't have to open each box. I have a gypsy but I am unsure about adding every cart I have on it cause once you add it that is it. Makes me wonder if they make a new gypsy what will they do for those that have added all there carts. Or what if you gypsy goes out and you have to get a new one. I know I worry to Well if you have any ideas other than using a gypsy please leave a comment would love new ideas. Thanks for looking and good luck hope you find some great deals at your local Michael's.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Been working on craft room

I have not had any chance to craft last few days, been working on the Guest/craft room. Which now I have to put a stop to cause it might have to be used tonight. My brother called and my nephew is having chest pains again except this time he is short of breath. Lucky he is near the Children's Hospital of Dallas so he can get looked right away, last time it was a 2 hour trip to Dallas. Maybe they will figure out what is going on with him, second time he has gone to hospital with chest pains. He is so young he just turned 17 last Friday so hate to see him have heart trouble already, it runs in the family. I am not thinking negative cause it could be nothing major, doc last time seemed to think it was growing pains. But I am still worried about him he is a great young man very smart. Anyway just in case family has to stay the night I am going to put a stop to the cleaning and tidy up what needs to still be sorted. But I did want to post this just got done with my paper rack. Its made from those wire cubes you can buy at target. Put them together as directed now to make the shelves you take a wire zip tips and zip tie them in the cubes how ever far apart you want them. I used tree zip ties on each side and two on the back. Here are some photos.
See all the zip ties
Kitty's will love when you clip off the ends of the

And the finale paper rack, will add another cube later

Thanks for looking hope this gives you some ideas for a paper rack on tight budgets. By the way they make these racks now and sell them at hobby lobby and has wheels on them but this runs about 14.00 to make.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Snow day

Today early this morning it started snowing weather man said we would get a few inches but I am the type I will believe it when I see it. Well it So only place we went today was Walmart and back home. Right now I am cooking chili, got to have chili on days like this. We will see how the roads are tomorrow don't know if he will be working tomorrow yet.
Last year mid day after the snow began to melt
This year
This years snow does not compare to last years snow in Feb. That was crazy snow. We got 9 inches in Texas, this time we got about 2. I cant believe that we have been homeowners for a year as of the 8th which was yesterday. It went by so fast. Hope your having a great Sunday and staying warm if your snowed in as
Last year in Feb was the most snow I had ever seen

Great deals

Was watching my pink stamper stream last night and she mentioned that she had heard some Michael's had the older carts for 9.99 well that got my Last time I was there they were 19.99 and there were a few I wanted but had to wait. Well today after hearing that I went to Michael's and sure enough they had them on sale. They were picked over at our local store all they had left was speaking of fall. So we went to another Michael's and they had Pagoda only one left. Its one that has not been on my I have to have it list but since it was so cheap I thought if I use even 1/4 of the cuts it will pay for it self. I wished they would have had From My Kitchen I really wanted that one. They also had there gypsy stuff marked down sleeves where 6.99 and the best deal which they are all gone was the gypsy it was on clearance for 49.99 Can you believe that! That was at our store so not sure if they are priced that cheap every where, call first if you plan to look for one. And don't get your hopes up they have them. Lady at Michael's said people were hauling stuff up with there arms full of cricut stuff, which I am sure will all be Well thought I would share hope you have better luck with finding some than I did.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Jammin Birthday

Nephew is turning 17! Friday. Wow does that make me feel old, he will be a senior next year. He is such a awesome young man, so smart. He wants to be a heart doctor, I think inspired by his dad. We have heart trouble in out family history and his dad had to get a pace maker and defibrillator placed about 5 years ago, he was still in his 30's. So would be neat to see him be able to help others as he knows what its like to have heart issues in family's. Anyway enough about me gushing about my For his card I wanted something he kinda is interested in. He loves to run and is on track team so he listens to music a lot when running. So I wished him a jammin Okay here is the truth I don't have alot of male type stuff I am always stuck on what to do with cards for men and even worse when its a teen. I need to work on getting some items that will work for card for the guys. Cause there are more men than women in our family. Well thanks for looking.
Off to de decorate the tree I had been putting it off, now I have to get it Recycle runs tomorrow.
Supplies used:
Cricut cart paisley and George basic shape
Glossy accents for the mp3 display
Unknown pattern paper
Card stock
Tim holtz distress ink (broken china)
Cuttle bug embossing folder(polka dots)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My pink stamper Submission

Its that time My Pink Stamper is selecting design team members, in the past I wanted to give it a try but I was way to busy with getting ready to move. So now that things are calmed down I want to give it a try. If you have never heard of Robyn at My Pink Stamper you should visit her blog if you have a cricut you will love it. She gets sneak peeks as the new carts coming out and I think owns ever cricut cart She has really become a success story, she has her own stamp line now and makes dvd's. Since I have been a member of her blog I craft more than ever. I used to take forever making projects now I am just inspired to craft not worry about if its perfect. I am one who likes to try new techniques when crafting why craft if you are not going to try to learn new things. That is why I loved art so much growing up, I loved to learn new ways of creating. And to this day I still do, I love to work with my hands and create. So with that said here is my project for the submission. I hope to earn a spot on her team, I have never tried for a design team and hope I will get to experience it.
Supplies used
Cricut Give A Hoot cart cut at 3 inch
Recollections Gems
K and company cards
Peeled cardboard
TCP sticker sheet (Branch)
Studio G stamp (Its Owl Good)
Hampton art Flocking
Prima flowers Teal / lime
Time holtz distress inks
Gel Pen

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy belated New

Well I would have posted and wished everyone a Happy New Year but better half decided to work on network issues while he was off work the last few days. Every time I get ready to post to the blog he would restart the modem. So I gave anyway hope everyone had a great new year. We stayed home as normal we never go out that night. We spent the night working on network and finally gave up about 1 am. Then Saturday I got up and started some black eyed peas, they were yummy to. Wonder how eating black eyed peas on new years day got

I normally don't make resolutions on new years cause I think its something you forget about 2 months down the road. But this year I have and I am going to put out here. I have a secret and messy secret yes that would be my house. I have over the years I have become so disorganized and with the move its really got bad. Our garage is still packed, I never knew we had that much junk till we moved. So this year my goal is to have my house organized its going to take me a while but that is my resolution this year. My goals are to go through every box still packed and keep what we NEED and get rid of the rest. No more boxes of packed stuff! No more keeping stuff for I might need that someday. I dream of the day Gene ask for something in the garage and I know right where to get But I do have other things I want to strive for as well this year. Try to get back into clipping coupons, used to do it then got out of it cause of lack of time while looking and buying our house. I used to save so much money since not doing this our food bills are much higher. So that is a must. Its small but it will help so much money wish. Also a goal is to finish up the home projects we did not finish before moving in. We have a guest room/craft room that is not very welcoming and I want to fix that. So that is a few goals, nothing life First I have to work on getting the Christmas tree out, do not know what day they pick those up. And next weekend we will work on getting the lights and outside stuff put up.

Sorry about the photo will work on a better one tonight waited to late to get it. Was so nice getting to display lights here. Where we used to live no one ever seen them so was no sense to put lights up. Well off to work on de decorating the Year flew by so fast, hope you are having a good start to a New Year. Thanks for stopping by.


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