Sunday, January 9, 2011

Snow day

Today early this morning it started snowing weather man said we would get a few inches but I am the type I will believe it when I see it. Well it So only place we went today was Walmart and back home. Right now I am cooking chili, got to have chili on days like this. We will see how the roads are tomorrow don't know if he will be working tomorrow yet.
Last year mid day after the snow began to melt
This year
This years snow does not compare to last years snow in Feb. That was crazy snow. We got 9 inches in Texas, this time we got about 2. I cant believe that we have been homeowners for a year as of the 8th which was yesterday. It went by so fast. Hope your having a great Sunday and staying warm if your snowed in as
Last year in Feb was the most snow I had ever seen

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