Sunday, January 30, 2011


What a long day it was, we wen to Arlington, TX today the place I grew up. We went to get some stuff taken care of like getting inspection sticker. And needless to say after 5 hours in Arlington we did not come home with a inspection sticker. His check engine light had been on and then went off well it did not want to pass cause it had not cleared. We drove alot And never cleared then on way home the check engine light come on again!!! I could not believe it. So now we have to find out what is going on with his truck. Anyway on way back home I wanted to go by and see the Cowboys stadium. Sunday is the Superbowl in our new stadium. It's crazy how much is going on, they have dozens of these portable buildings that are two story's tall even for people that just want to watch from the jumbo screen not even getting to go Sad most people in our local area are not going cause none of use can afford Tickets for the very top way up is 2,000 for two people. And those tent tickets to watch on jumbo screen will run you about 350 each. That don't include parking. Its a pretty and very big stadium its one you have to see in person to grasp the size of it. But still not worth that much for tickets. I will watch on TV from our comfy sofa and not have to drive home after the game. Anyways wanted to let everyone know I doubt I will be posting anymore this week, my in laws are in town. They will be here tomorrow so I will have my hands full. And today I have been not feeling so great think I am coming down with something, prefect So bare with me for a week and I will try to post if I can find time to craft. It might be a short trip not sure yet. Have a great week.

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