Monday, January 17, 2011

Michael's has cricut carts on sale again

Just thought I would post a quick blog Michael's has there cricut carts on sale again this week. But they have added some different carts than the last 9.99 sale. Today they had Nursery rhyme, preserves, Pooh and friends, Robotz. Michael's worker told me today that they had a long line at the door this morning so I imagine they had more selection but I was not able to go until about 3 pm. I would call first if you plan to drive very far cause they might be picked over. A lot of people I think are buying these for ebay. I got the preserves one today its one I thought about getting but did not want to pay to much for it. I almost got robotz but did not know if I would really use that one even at 9.99 still don't want to get one I might not use. I have a friend who has bought every single cart put out, I don't have that kind of

I wonder how do you all store your carts? What kind of system works for you I would love to get some ideas. Right now I house the key board and the cart together in the box but keep the booklet out and have all the booklets together in a storage unit so when I need to cut I don't have to open each box. I have a gypsy but I am unsure about adding every cart I have on it cause once you add it that is it. Makes me wonder if they make a new gypsy what will they do for those that have added all there carts. Or what if you gypsy goes out and you have to get a new one. I know I worry to Well if you have any ideas other than using a gypsy please leave a comment would love new ideas. Thanks for looking and good luck hope you find some great deals at your local Michael's.

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