Sunday, January 9, 2011

Great deals

Was watching my pink stamper stream last night and she mentioned that she had heard some Michael's had the older carts for 9.99 well that got my Last time I was there they were 19.99 and there were a few I wanted but had to wait. Well today after hearing that I went to Michael's and sure enough they had them on sale. They were picked over at our local store all they had left was speaking of fall. So we went to another Michael's and they had Pagoda only one left. Its one that has not been on my I have to have it list but since it was so cheap I thought if I use even 1/4 of the cuts it will pay for it self. I wished they would have had From My Kitchen I really wanted that one. They also had there gypsy stuff marked down sleeves where 6.99 and the best deal which they are all gone was the gypsy it was on clearance for 49.99 Can you believe that! That was at our store so not sure if they are priced that cheap every where, call first if you plan to look for one. And don't get your hopes up they have them. Lady at Michael's said people were hauling stuff up with there arms full of cricut stuff, which I am sure will all be Well thought I would share hope you have better luck with finding some than I did.

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