About Crafty-Shell

Hi my name is Michelle I live in Texas, born and raised. I grew up in Arlington Tx. I meet my better half while living in Arlington when I was about 18. We don't have any kids but do have 4 fur babies. We have four cats! Crazy I know LOL
I don't work but I am a personal account, Maid and Cook and time to time a lawn guy just don't get paid...lol As you can tell I am a house wife. I did how ever become a nail technician after I got out of school. I did not end up going into the field as planned, we moved to a new town and then entered the role of house wife.
With my free time I love to craft. Growing up I was always the kid that did not color out of the lines in a coloring book and I did shading...lol As soon as I could in middle school I took art and from there the love of art was born. From then on it was art each year till the day school was over. I loved learning so many things in art. Anything from drawing to painting with oils to pottery wheels making vases. My dream was to become a fashion designer when I got older I was always sketching clothing. But after I took sewing and realized I could not sew I gave that dream up...lol These days I craft and create paper projects mostly. I have always liked working with my hands, I did not get into scrap booking and card making till 2000. And I got hooked to scrap booking and card making from making my brothers a family album for both of them. And I never quit after that. I make alot of cards, love giving a hand made card, something you put your time into and you make for that person. And my reward is getting to see there smile.
So when I am not doing something around the house or crafting. I enjoy going for bike rides, I like to trail ride as well. It relaxes me to get out and ride while I listen to music and clear my head. I try to ride everyday weather permitting. So another funny thing about me I like to game on the xbox as well. Yes I am a gamer girl. LOL I like to craft but I still like to get into a good shooter game with all the friends online. We mainly play over the weekends, we call Friday( Friday Night Game night)....lol DH likes to game as well I guess could blame him for getting me hooked...lol I also like to play rock band and guitar hero sometimes.
So that is a little about me and my interest I hope I did not bore you to much not to exciting I know.


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