Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Birthday card for guy

I always have a hard time making cards for men. But for this card when I seen this pic of the Dallas cowboy baby I knew that would make a cute card. My cousin is a big football fan so thought I would use the pic. I wanted to make it a little funny and poke fun at the cowboys. And since the baby looked like he was not happy I put Make a wish below the baby. And on the inside I put "but you only get one so make sure its a good one" Even as a Texas native we all know the Dallas cowboys are not so good....lol I would not waste a wish on them...lol So anyway that is the card its kinda silly but he will get a laugh.
If anyone has any tips about using embossing powder I would love some. I tried the dryer sheet trick and it did not work. As you will see there still was lose powder I could not get off. Any tips to keep the powder from sticking on places you dont want it sticking?
Also don't forget Weds is the last day to enter for my GIVE AWAY only one comment so far. So come Wed night if that is the only one then she will get the items. Well thanks for looking at my card. Hope your having a good week so far.


Crafty Starkie said...

This was my reaction:

"ha ha! Awwwww!!!!"

It is funny and so stinkin' adorable! That cute little chubby baby and that silly little face! I love this card! I bet he will love it!


Anonymous said...

I find it hard to make cards for the guys to!! BuncoAddict


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