Friday, November 4, 2011

Blog ANNIVERSARY and Give away!

Update Give away going till Wed Nov 8th...Here is what you will win. Set of stampology stamp set, two packs of cute rub ons, two packs of gems cause bling is just fun.

Well its been 2 years since I made my first post on my blog. My how life has changed for us since Back when I started my blog I kinda did it to take my mind off of life. We had been looking for a home for a long time and was not having any luck. Well then about a month after I started my blog we found a house in a area we liked. We made the offer it was accepted and then in Jan we became home owners.
But along the way of this life change I have to say having my blog was great. I enjoyed having a place to put my voice out there. I will never forget the first comment and the first I was like wow some body looked at my blog and joined!LOL I was shocked that anyone would want to read my tiny little blog. And its still tiny no doubt. But I am grateful for those who do follow and want to read the blog. I really have enjoyed having the blog and having a place to share ideas and tips. I  have always been a person to want to share ideas and help others. And this allows me to do that. So with all that said I want to say as a big THANK YOU to you followers.
So to enter leave a comment, I wont make this follower only give away since some might not have a blogger account. But would be nice if you were a follower ;) Just make sure there is a way to reach you. I am going to let the give away run till next wed nov 8th that way everyone has a chance to enter.
If you have trouble commenting contact me and I will chnage comment fourm my email is


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! Hope U have a great weekend 2!! BuncoAddict

Crafty Starkie said...

Yay! Happy two year anniversary for your blog! It is such a cute blog with so many great projects. I have been slacking with reading blogs and commenting lately so I am really glad I caught this in time! Thank you so much for doing a cute giveaway!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I know im late sorry, but i wanted to comment and say Happy 2nd anniversary on your blog and i Love your cowboy card, too cute!!!! Have a great day!
Huggs, Michelle T /sdaffy1


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