Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Been prepping for christmas

Hey everyone sorry been mia this week. I have been busy prepping house for getting a Christmas tree. I had to move our living room around, that is always a chore. And to while I was at it I cleaned parts of our knotty pine walls. Yes you seen our living room has knotty pine walls. Everyone that come to our home loves them but if they only knew how hard they are to clean. We hired a texture guy to take pop corn ceiling down and re texture it to a normal smooth look. He did good on the texture just he did not know how to cover the walls good I And highest point is 15 ft. I am still cleaning texture off the walls and this was a year and a half ago. So I just do it little by little as I see I missed spots. So that is what I have been up to this week.

I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving weekend. Ours was more like a Christmas Vacation movie that stars chevy chase. I could tell it but it would be long and some parts little to much TMI. I was glad to see the day end I know. We stayed with family from Thurs to sat night. We got home late sat and spent Sunday relaxing getting a few things done before work week started. So that is what has been going on last few days. As soon as I get done with the decorations I will post them also to I have many birthdays coming up I have to make cards for as well as Christmas cards. So Dec is always a super busy month for me. Bare with me for this week on post but after that there will be lots of post this month.

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