Saturday, November 19, 2011

The things people will do for Black friday! LOL

Past Friday started with me trying to get bills paid and my computer monitor decided it was going to finally die on me. I tried for two hours to get it to work doing all the tricks I had used before. But nothing it was finally gone no saving it. So when DH got home we went to best buy to buy a new one. There was a couple there camped out in a tent and had been there 3 days already! All for a 42 inch tv for 200.00 normal 800.00 I am thinking don't seem like good enough deal to Here is the news report they did on them.

LOL INSANE! I thought Id share it cause I  think its just so crazy that someone would camp that long for black Friday. Anyway I will post some more cards I made tomorrow. I am working around the house getting some stuff done.

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