Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fall card and cricut sales

Hello! Shock I know I am posting, its been busy here. Last Sunday I spent the day rearranging my craft room.  Added little more storage in the room, its a guest room as well so I have to make sure I keep it easy to move around in. I will take pictures when I get all the re organizing done and post them. And this week so far I have been doing instead of spring cleaning fall Could not belive how much dirt can build on windows in just a few months. So nice looking out windows that are clean and bright. Trying to get all outside stuff done before its gets cold. Last few days its been kinda chilly you can feel the crisp in there air, I love fall air. But it will be winter before we know it. But I am enjoying fall for now, so thought I make a super fast card. I do mean fast it took me 10 mins total. Its a small card just for a quick note. I made this using all scrap papers.
Cricut sales!
This week two stores have cricut carts on sale at Joanne's full content carts for 29.99 normal 89.00 they also have paper 5/1.00 . If you don't have a Joannes near you or rather shop at Michael's they have carts on sale as well for 34.99 when I was in my local Michael's last weekend they had some cricut carts for 19.99 but they had been picked over. I myself wont be getting any :( still on my debt diet. But that is okaycause I am happy for what I do have. Well off to get more stuff done. Thanks for looking.


Crafty Starkie said...

I love your card! The colors are so warm and beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful talent and I hope life calms down a little soon so we can see more amazing projects! :o)

JustYolie said...

Fantastic Fall card!! :)


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