Thursday, October 13, 2011

Feel bad I have been MIA

Well I just wanted to say I am very sorry I have not made new post in forever, I have been going through a ruff patch last few weeks. Have not crafted in a few weeks now I just had no desire to. With the new fall season I always get a little blue but this year its been worse. We have alot personally going on but I am trying to get myself in a better place. Life goes on and you just have to deal with what life throws at you and keep going. So I am going to lean back into crafting by getting my scrap room finished. Since we moved in my scrap storage has pretty much been in the same place since its a two man moving job and he stays busy. So my goal is to finally get it to where we have room for the guest air bed and have lots of room for his mom to move around. She walks with crutches so she needs extra room to move around. I feel bad when I did not get it complete and she has trouble getting around. So today I am working on a floor plan. I made a scale floor plan cause I don't want us to have to move everything I have a 100 times. Also going to get some new storage I got in place. We went to a yard sale last Saturday and I found two shelving cases I have been looking for.

There really tall! There skinny but soon as I seen them I thought of it would be perfect for my cricut carts I have. And I got both for 14.00 thought that was a pretty good deal. So we will see how that works out if not I can use it else where. When I get done with the room I am going to reward myself with a fold up table I can keep in the room instead of going back and forth from my office where I have my back up scrap book desk so when we have company I can still craft. I want to make it where I craft in there but I can fold it up and put away when we have over night guest. So check back Monday I hope to have the room done and will post photos. Thanks for staying with me I hope none of you think I am giving up on my blog or crafting, I have not. I love crafting just sometimes when you are going through stuff you don't even want to do what you love. But I will be crafting very soon again have birthdays coming up.

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