Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy belated New

Well I would have posted and wished everyone a Happy New Year but better half decided to work on network issues while he was off work the last few days. Every time I get ready to post to the blog he would restart the modem. So I gave anyway hope everyone had a great new year. We stayed home as normal we never go out that night. We spent the night working on network and finally gave up about 1 am. Then Saturday I got up and started some black eyed peas, they were yummy to. Wonder how eating black eyed peas on new years day got

I normally don't make resolutions on new years cause I think its something you forget about 2 months down the road. But this year I have and I am going to put out here. I have a secret and messy secret yes that would be my house. I have over the years I have become so disorganized and with the move its really got bad. Our garage is still packed, I never knew we had that much junk till we moved. So this year my goal is to have my house organized its going to take me a while but that is my resolution this year. My goals are to go through every box still packed and keep what we NEED and get rid of the rest. No more boxes of packed stuff! No more keeping stuff for I might need that someday. I dream of the day Gene ask for something in the garage and I know right where to get But I do have other things I want to strive for as well this year. Try to get back into clipping coupons, used to do it then got out of it cause of lack of time while looking and buying our house. I used to save so much money since not doing this our food bills are much higher. So that is a must. Its small but it will help so much money wish. Also a goal is to finish up the home projects we did not finish before moving in. We have a guest room/craft room that is not very welcoming and I want to fix that. So that is a few goals, nothing life First I have to work on getting the Christmas tree out, do not know what day they pick those up. And next weekend we will work on getting the lights and outside stuff put up.

Sorry about the photo will work on a better one tonight waited to late to get it. Was so nice getting to display lights here. Where we used to live no one ever seen them so was no sense to put lights up. Well off to work on de decorating the Year flew by so fast, hope you are having a good start to a New Year. Thanks for stopping by.

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