Thursday, December 30, 2010

More christmas decorations

Well I wanted to post a few more of the Christmas decorations today I am posting pictures of the mantel. I love fireplaces anyone who knows me knows I love to be right by the fire when its going, being I am cold natured. And for a long time we did not have a fireplace but since having one it became one of my favorite places to decorate at Christmas. Other times of the year I struggle to figure out what to do with it. So this year for our first Christmas in our new home I added in a few sentimental things that mean a lot to us. The old looking wood with numbers is the wood taken off the house when we replaced it with new wood. It had our address and I told Gene I wanted to keep it I am sure he thought I was Now he can see why.
I wanted it to display, I love the look its worn. And that is not distressed to look like that it is true age as it aged with our home.

I did buy a few new items last year at after Christmas sales. The kitty stocking was new its for our kitty's, need to work on some for The lighted grapevine deer was new as well.
Some items I was lucky to get from a lady that was just getting rid of them. The nutcrackers and the stocking holders and the rustic lantern are from her. Rest of it I had or shopped my other rooms for it. I had to use what I had cause we could not afford to buy anything new so had to work with what I had.
Now lets play a game what do you think cost the most out of this fireplace decorations? I bet you will never get it

That would be this

Yes that is the key to our And no its not a key that still works we changed the locks the week we got the house. I keep it as a keepsake to scrapbook and thought why not put it on the candle holder near the sign. It is the most expensive item up on our Well thanks for looking.

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