Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Box Ornaments

I was at the letter cottage blog site (one of my favorite blogs to visit) looking at there pretty tree this year when I seen her post about her tree last year. She made ornaments out of boxes, everyone has those laying around. So I thought since I was wanting to do something somewhat new this year instead of my normal bows I looked for any small box I could find. Cold med boxes, jello boxes even used one bubble gum Its amazing how many you can find. She used ribbon on her boxes which was very pretty but I chose to use twine I had. I did bling it up some, I used some of my craft items. Glimmer mist and my tim holtz distress inks.

Wrap your boxes with newspaper. Then take distress ink with a makeup sponge or tim holtz sponge and ink corners and some of the middle as well Now if you want the really distressed look take the pad and tap the corners and even the center if you like.

Okay now for the magic take your glimmer mist and spray your wrapped box, the ink will start to bleed and blend. It will be wet and bubbled so grab the hair dryer and dry it for a min or two on low heat, it drys fast. And the paper will shrink back to its normal texture when dry. Now just add your ribbon and hook and hang your box, super easy! You could use these as gift card holders as well to hang in the tree.
The glimmer mist gives it a hint of sparkle and the tim holtz ink ages the newspaper. This idea was great for those on budgets which these days seems like most of us are. Thanks to the lettered cottage site for such a neat idea and check her blog out, really great blog site full of home decorating ideas.

P.S. I will be adding the photos of our tree tomorrow so check back. I am sorry, camera battery had to be charged meant to have them added before now.

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