Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Busy Christmas week

Sorry I have not posted lately it was a busy few days before Christmas and busy days after. I used the last two days to relax some. Christmas eve night I wrapped gifts and cooked 6 from scratch banana breads and a German choc cake. Its law I bring a cake to dinners...lol And Christmas eve night as well I made two ornaments for my nephews. It was a late night. I will post that project soon to my blog.

Then Sunday my brother and my youngest nephew come down to go shopping at Cablela's Jacob got a bow with his christmas money. I felt so bad they drove two and half hours and thought it would not take to long, was we wrong. I think everyone was there that day buying a bow. We looked around for 3 hours while waiting then went to sit down and have a drink and finally got the call it was ready. But during the time we waited we got to look around and have a little fun. We found some crazy stuff I had never seen before...lol Like this fold up camping chair. Thats Jacob my nephew, that is one big chair....lol
 Anyway so that has been what has been going on I just needed time to re cope after the holiday weekend. Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas we had a pretty good one. We did not do a lot this year made this year kinda of simple a few gifts and home cooked foods. Well anyway as promised I wanted to post the tree. I am sorry this took so long. I will post picture of the outside lights during this week, and after friday they are ready to come down. Oh also have the mantel photos to post. Well thanks for looking :)

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