Friday, January 14, 2011

Been working on craft room

I have not had any chance to craft last few days, been working on the Guest/craft room. Which now I have to put a stop to cause it might have to be used tonight. My brother called and my nephew is having chest pains again except this time he is short of breath. Lucky he is near the Children's Hospital of Dallas so he can get looked right away, last time it was a 2 hour trip to Dallas. Maybe they will figure out what is going on with him, second time he has gone to hospital with chest pains. He is so young he just turned 17 last Friday so hate to see him have heart trouble already, it runs in the family. I am not thinking negative cause it could be nothing major, doc last time seemed to think it was growing pains. But I am still worried about him he is a great young man very smart. Anyway just in case family has to stay the night I am going to put a stop to the cleaning and tidy up what needs to still be sorted. But I did want to post this just got done with my paper rack. Its made from those wire cubes you can buy at target. Put them together as directed now to make the shelves you take a wire zip tips and zip tie them in the cubes how ever far apart you want them. I used tree zip ties on each side and two on the back. Here are some photos.
See all the zip ties
Kitty's will love when you clip off the ends of the

And the finale paper rack, will add another cube later

Thanks for looking hope this gives you some ideas for a paper rack on tight budgets. By the way they make these racks now and sell them at hobby lobby and has wheels on them but this runs about 14.00 to make.

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