Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving and update on where I have been

First off like to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving, hope you all have a wonderful day with family and loved ones. Its been way to long since my last post. Last post we was about to have a garage sale. A lot has happened since. After the sale I keep selling some online through facebook. Never knew they had groups. Let me tell you best way to sell stuff you dont need. I sold my first Cricut on there, I hated to but I never used the baby cricut no more. Anyway then in August pretty much everything come to a stop. Thanks to this.

I was biking like normally do everyday, I love cycling. And wiped out when my tire went off a black top road near our home.I fell onto the road and ended up eating the road and breaking the fall with my left hand. Had a scratched up bruised face, swollen lip, skinned bruised knee, bruised ankle, concussion ( my ears still are ringing, all day every day) and my wrist was fractured. 

Thought I could shake it off and in no time I be healed up. But for a week I did nothing but veg on couch. And after that I still could not walk much or do to much because of my knee and dizziness & fatigued easy. And the very next day after I got hurt our home AC went out, in the middle of the hottest part of the year. Go figure. And since then the refrigerator tried to go out, we got it fixed. Now dryer is going out. So needless to say sure the last few months has been not good. But guess it could have been worse. Getting use of my hand and wrist back, been slow going. When I first started using it again I would drop stuff and very painful. Having to work to regain the muscle and the flexibility and coordination. And it still hurts when I over do it, sleep with a soft splint on. Its frustrating sometimes when I cant do certain things I want to. Made 3 cards the other day in a row and it was killing me after that. Had a hard time using a snap tool to set a snap. I had to end up just glue it It was the first time I really crafted since all this happened.
Crazy as it sounds I have missed biking so much, am active person not one to sit around and do nothing. Always joke when you see me in bed or laying around all day I am really really sick. Took about three weeks to get my energy back. After about a month I did start going for long walks, so have been taken up walking instead of Hoping I get full use of my wrist back so I can maybe bike again. But as of right now I cant put pressure on that wrist.
Anyway so that is where I have been I did not forgot about my blog and will be posting some Christmas stuff soon. I wanted to share a quick easy card I did for Thanksgiving. And now that I can craft again, look forward to sharing some Christmas cards and ideas. But for now please have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for stopping in my blog. 
Forgive the photo just got a DSLR and still learning to use it.

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