Saturday, May 10, 2014

Mother's day cards

Hey Just wanted to pop in real quick and say Happy Mother's Day to you all. Hope you have a great day. Know I have not been on much, we have been getting ready for a yard sale for next weekend. Have not had one since 2000 want to So I am kinda rusty at this. I thought I was not going to have a lot and turns out we had way more than I ever thought. The cloths alone, wow! Between a garage and a shed its crazy how much we Once we have the sale what ever is left we have it set up to be picked up for a local charity. Going to be nice to have more room. Anyways that has been up to, I did take some time to make some Mother's day cards thought I share them with you. Got a new stamp set that was really cute for Mother's Day. Will try to maybe post during the week. Learned a few good garage sale tips and ideas I am sure be great to share with you all. They have helped me so much in getting ready for it. Well Hope you have a great Mother's Day weekend. Sorry to share the card ideas so late. As always thanks for stopping by.

Ps sorry dont have list of supplies used I made all so fast I did not take time to write it down.

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