Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Riding the A train in Denton county, TX

Sorry I have not posted in a few days we had a busy weekend and took the last two days to re cope. Saturday we was riding a train around denton county...lol and Sunday my aunt was down so I drove to see her.We have this new train that just started up this week called the A train here in Denton.Its been years in the making and this weekend was the first weekend of service so we decided to go and give it a ride.

going over Lewisville Lake

Our main road we live off of
It connects with the Carrollton Dart rail and from there you can go to Dallas. All with out driving in the awful Dallas traffic. We did not go any farther than carrollton only cause we did not have a whole day to go onto Dallas but next time we will. This was a spare of a moment trip. Anyways it was a great ride really nice comfy seats far as the a train goes.
The train we found out was put in service in the 50's! They redid the inside of it to modernise it but they will have new ones in service in sept. I will say it was pretty packed, and lots of bikers on it. They have room for your bikes! I think that is so cool. After we rode back to the main station we walked over to historic down town Denton.

Way back when

Denton today

Photo I took of the court house while in town
I have always loved our town square its has so much charm. Most are old building from late 1800's. As I walked it I was thinking how neat it must have been back in the early 1900's and here we are walking the same square in the year 2011 only if they could have seen how they city would be a 100 years from then. I have a thing for historic homes and building forgive me...lol When we was there we went into this wonderful antique shop (County Seat Antiques) that had lots of kitchen and home items.

The building had original 14 ft doors and original hard wood floors, all shelves are original. It was like stepping back into the 1900 so cool. Inside tons of dishes and pretty milk glass. 
She even had our formal dishes there she had almost a full set, like ours. 
Our dishes
She sold by piece so to get it all would be kinda pricey. We have service of  6 a full complete set of all the dishes and cups and salt and pepper shaker. I had been wanting a new set so think after seeing that I will keep ours..lol We also visted the fire museum will post those another day cause dont want to bore you...lol Oh to end the trip home we seen a very interesting lady. As she went by us she was talking into a two way radio saying" let them try to shut me up"....lol I had to snap a pic.
If you are local to get on the a train is is well worth the trip into denton and go check out the old town square and the amazing old stores. And you can end the day at the old fashioned ice cream store right on the square...YUMMY.

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laurie said...

I finally had a chance to rummage through your site! Well, that is not entirely true...I have gone through your site but before I met you! I really like your artistic cards you make. Do you use a diecut machine or precut cutouts? Just wondering. My library just bought a diecut machine and if I had the parts I could use it for free. They have some plates but more for school type projects (cubes, cylinders etc). I like this post very much - the shop, the train, the city! I met a new mail artist who wrote the kindest letter to me and send the most artistic but simple art envelope. I just sent one back to her........my point IS I am going to use some of your ideas and themes to incorporate into my mail art! .....onward to further exploring your blog!!!! :)


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