Tuesday, June 21, 2011

round two of storms tonight

Well Tuesday was a long day for me for many reason. I had only had a hour of sleep due to storms that come in the we hours of morn. I had to run outside to get our outdoor kitty and bring her in cause some areas had half dollar size hail. And as we are getting her the winds hit, we got her in safely and put her up and then 10 mins later around 2am lights flash off and on about 5 times then they went off for good. I was thinking great...lol
Get the old trusty Yankee candle out, so without power we had no clue what was going on with the weather. I know there was lots of lighting, I have never seen so much. And the winds was so strong I heard the roof creek and began to think it was going to come off. But it never hailed which was a great! But the Storm was so slow, it took forever to leave our area. I ended up laying down at 5 am after I gave up on being able to put the cat back out. Then I was back up at 6am when he was leaving I had no clue how long we would be without power so I had to open all the doors and windows to let all the cool air in. No way I was going back to bed with doors open. So with nothing I could really do I thought hum why not make a card. I am not going to let a little old thing like no power stop me...lol With no cricut I only had stamps and cuttle bug dies. Not a pretty card but I was trying to stay awake and I was so wanting to sleep. So long story short, I keep busy till about 11 am I closed the doors up since it was getting warmer. And I planned to lay down for a nap. And as luck would have it about 1130 am the power come back on. Soon as the ac kicked on I went for a nap well I ended up sleeping till 4pm...lol Come to find out 33,000 was without power and at lunch there still were 31,000 so we was lucky to have gotten it on so soon. The winds were hitting 80 Mil an hour. Was a pretty good storm. And again tonight we got round 2 of storms but they only had some wind and rain nothing major. Got to love Texas weather. We needed the rain so wont complain but man its stinks when you lose your power for 8 hours in middle of hot weather. Well wanted to share my sleep deprived card with you, don't laugh at it to much....lol

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