Monday, June 13, 2011

Our house has old guest...

I now have meet two different people who owed our home at one time. Months ago I meet the lady who owed till she lost it due to her husband dying. Little did I know when we bought our home he died here, was not happy to find that out right after we bought it. When she lost the home she took all the lighting and even the fire place mantel. We got the mantel back cause she left it with a friend across the street and when he ask did you guys get a new mantel. I said no, he said would you like your mantel? I had the oddest look on my face. lol He went over to his house got it and even helped us put it back on. That day I knew I picked the right neighborhood to live in.

Then today a man come by and said he was in the area seeing if any of us need any roof work due to the big storm that blew through that had hail and a tornado in it. And then he began to talk about how his mom and dad was the ones who had the home built. I am not a super trusting person so I was not going to oh really well come He said him and his dad built the huge deck in back, and I thought okay anyone could know there was a deck. Then he ask if what is now our office is still hunter green? That is when I knew he was telling the truth...LOL cause it is hunter green no joke. And I so thanked him for that, cause hubs wont let me paint it. lol He loves it. The mans dad is the one that painted it hunter green. Then he said he and his dad put up all the pine wood slats in the living room and bathroom. Its so odd meeting all the people who have ever owed our place. Makes me feel good though, to know this home had a history with people that loved it here and I am getting to learn some of the stories from these owners. I am going to have him look over the roof so when he comes back when the husband is here I will let him in and I have to ask what is the deal with the body outline.

Yes body right before we moved in we had all the carpet replaced and this was what we found. I knew that who ever had this home had a since of humor cause I knew for sure no one died here on that date they had wrote. If I would have had the time I was going to add a gun outline to it and then add some circles around the room with Would you not love to see the faces of the people when they pull carpet up and see this I have sense of humor as well. Well thought I would share my day with you been a interesting Monday so far.


Donna said...

That is so strange that the old owners of your house have come by to meet you. Have you lived there very long? Oh, and I love the "body outline" someone had a great sense of humor there. :-)
And yep, I can leave blog comments now. thanks again!

laurie said...

Any pictures to share of this "old house" of yours?

Hilltop Family said...

Didn't you say that the old lady's husband died there?
That is strange!
I think it's really neat that the previous owners have come to share the house history with you. I've often wondered about houses I've lived in as well.


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