Sunday, May 29, 2011

Happy Memorial Day and Michael's reward program

Okay this will be a quick post Just wanted to say Happy Memorial day early. I will be gone tomorrow, we are going to see my family about 2 hours away. My cousins always cook out for Memorial day so that is where I will be. I have to make a german chocolate cake, its law I bring it any time I come I am also going to make some mashed potato's. So I am about to go and make it right now so I can relax tonight and not stay up till 2 am cooking. I am the worst at putting things
I wanted to share with anyone that might now know, who knows this could have been around for a year and I am just now finding out about But Michael's now has as a reward program. When I was there today the sales person ask you want to join. I ask what it was and she explained you get rewards for what you buy and its free to sign up. Really. So I joined and I looked at the packet you get with it and it said for joining you get 20 % off your total first sale. And I looked and no where does it say you cant use it on the cricut. I was thinking man 20 % off of a crciut would be a pretty good dent. I have not looked at how the rewards work yet. Says reward program is only in 270 stores but its in all my stores here in Texas. Here is the link if you want to look at it here. So anyway thought I would pass it along to those that might not know.
Have a great day and wonderful Memorial day.

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Jan said...

Wow. I didn't know anything about a reward program at Michaels!! Thanks :)


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