Monday, May 16, 2011

Is anyone else having this prob?

Okay if visited my blog Sunday night and it was not looking normal there was a For some reason I can not edit my blog site. Blogger wont let me see the previews of the templates in the edit mode I have to save it to see it. So after a few hours I posted my old blog back up, thank goodness I saved the old blog site. Does anyone else with a blog have this prob? I want to change my layout but with the html code I have now it wont let me so that is the reason I was trying to change it. Plus I want a bigger banner. Anyway anyone have any good sites to explain how to make your own blog design? Sorry for the mess if you happen to look at the blog Sunday. I am going to try to work on it again so if you see its not looking right please forgive I am still learning. Thank goodness posting is super
Hope you all had a great weekend. Sunday we worked on the yard, we mowed and edged then went to the store. And later that day we went for a bike ride. Was so pretty this last weekend it was tab bit cool just like a perfect spring day. And the blue jays seemed to love our fresh mowed yard, we have lot of blue jays here. This was the one hanging out by me when I was getting clothes off the line. So pretty.

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