Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Too Close

Wow yesterday was something else. We were warned we have bad weather and there was high risk of tornado's. I really did not think we would get anything in our area it looked like it as going to skirt by. I was wrong. I seen the tornado warning on tv, sirens start going off. So I put the cats up and got our laundry area ready only center we have.  And from what the weather map looked like it looked like it was going to miss us. Then they showed towns it would be to next. Well there it was our little tiny town of Shady shores.... :0 So panic sat in after seeing all these large tornado's last few weeks it has me little leery. Sirens went off here three times last night. Of course everyone is standing outside to see if they can see it...not to smart I know. I come back in not going to get killed to get a look at
We got so lucky I went back up before it got here. Was not a big tornado at all thank goodness. It did hit our old neighborhood we used to live at for 15 years.
This was it is leaving denton into our little towns. By the way that is not my photo I would never risk my life over a photo. This was off the news site. Was not very big and it was jumping up and down alot so I would think the damage was not to bad. I bet the baseball size hail did more damage than this did. We never got any of the hail, not in the mood to do roof replacement
I don't know what is making these storms so bad this year but my heart goes out to all those who have lost loved ones and homes. I cant imagine what it would be like to lose everything. Well thought I share what our Tuesday was like. Hope everyone else is safe and no one was affected by the storms.

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