Thursday, May 19, 2011

Erin Kramp

Normally I would not write a post saying oh you have to watch Oprah but Thursday I really think if you could make the time you should. Tomorrow they will bring the family of Erin Kramp back on. Of course we all know Oprah is going off the air and she is catching up with her most memorable guest and Erin is the guest I remember most.
In 1994 Erin learned she had terminal breast cancer. Her daughter Peyton was two at the time, Erin fought but at the same time began to prepare her family for the day she would no longer be with them. In 1995 she began making videos for her daughter. Anything from giving advice about boys to putting on makeup, and then the final one saying she will always be with her watching over her on her wedding day and when she has her own children she will watch over them. I am getting teary eyed just thinking about it. The courage it must have taken for her to make those videos many times she said she would stop the tapes and have a cry and then go back to making the video. The sad part is back then there was alot of back lash over it saying it was parenting from the grave, which I think is a awful thing to say. She just wanted her daughter to know her and to be there for her to give that mother advice of how to do something simple as make up. I am sure with that gift she has given Peyton it has made her daughter feel how much she was loved and that her mom was always thinking of her and her future. She lived for years longer than they said she would. She passed away here in Dallas tx in Nov of 98 leaving the gift of her videos to her daughter and husband. Her husband has since remarried and had two children with his wife and that was Erin wish that he move on and remarry. I think we would all want that for our spouses. So tomorrow if you can make the time I think this show would be something you can watch and get something from it. She really makes you think what if that were me would I be able to do that for my children. I don't have kids so I cant even begin to understand how it would feel to know you will not be there for your children. But at the same time I wish I would have been giving a gift like this. My mom has been sick for a long time, she has Huntington's. And it has robbed me of my mom I once knew, I sometimes feel like I am watching my mom leave me little by little each day. I miss being able to just call her and talk to her for an hour. I can call her but she is only there for about 5 mins I lose her after that. Huntington's is a horrible illness that robs you of your mind and then your ability to walk. But I am grateful for the time we have with her she has good days and bad. But the things she once knew she no longer knows. I cant ask her about her mom and dad cause she dont remember. Maybe if she knew what would happen to her she would have prepared letters or something. I think that is why I like scrap booking so much its a way of leaving my story behind. Well sorry about the long post did not mean to mention anything about my mom normally keep that private, just wanted to say watch Oprah Thursday and have the tissue handy.

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